Is Gwen Stefani Married to Blake Shelton?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are one of the music industry’s cutest couples. The best part about their relationship, at least the best part for fans, was that they could catch the two lovebirds necking on the popular NBC talent show, The Voice. While many couples like to hide their bonding from the public, Stefani and Shelton regularly lay on the PDA and aren’t afraid to show their love on social media. 

How long have Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton been together?

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Stefani and Shelton are not married, but they have been dating for quite some time now. The two met while working as judges on The Voice. The funny thing is before becoming co-workers, Stefani didn’t know who Shelton was.

On top of that, Stefani placed the country crooner on the back burner when she met him. Considering their icy introduction, it was surprising when sparks began to fly. What brought them together — mutual divorces. 

Trauma can really bring people together and in the case of this talented duo divorce was the key. The two found solace in each other and their beautiful, supportive friendship blossomed into a full-on real relationship. While they were obviously close beforehand, the two didn’t officially start going steady until November 2015. That means the two have a solid three years plus some months in!

What do Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton do for fun?

The entertainment industry “it” couple has undoubtedly shared some wonderful times over the last few years. For one, Christmas is a big deal at the Stefani household, so the holiday season is a fun one for the modern family. Stefani and her beau even performed together this past winter for the NBC special; You Make it Feel Like Christmas. It may have been work, but it was a fun experience!

They took a fantastic family lake trip last summer, and their social media has revealed some other gems like horseback riding, birthday shenanigans, Disneyland trips, and sports games. 

During the 5-second rule game on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Shelton also revealed three things they love doing after the kids go to sleep. His answer — watching porn, enjoying cooking shows, and posting/scrolling through Instagram. The couple definitely makes the most of their nighttime hours!

Why haven’t Stefani and Shelton gotten married yet?

Stefani and Shelton may not have tied the knot yet, but they are on the path to marriage. They gorgeous couple don’t deny that they are very much in love and really cherish their relationship. There’s even news circulating about Stefani and Shelton having a child together! Back in November of last year, an insider said that the two were in the final stages of choosing a perfect surrogate. According to the source, it was important for Stefani to give Shelton a biological child. That’s a pretty big step, one that may even trump marriage!

But, if the two are so in love and are making strides what’s getting in the way of an official proposal? The lovebirds have some obstacles they need to overcome before taking the next big step. Initially, the two took things slow so that Stefani’s three adorable sons, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, could adjust to having a new father figure. They’ve taken to him, but now there is a new issue — living arrangements. The Voice judge spends his time in Oklahoma and Los Angeles while the former No Doubt frontwoman sticks to L.A with her offspring. 

Despite there being some hurdles in the well it’s clear Shelton and Stefani will do what’s best for each other and the kids. We can’t wait to see what happens when things smooth out for the picture-perfect couple.