Is Irina Shayk Still Open To Marriage Despite Never Taking That Next Step With Bradley Cooper?

Irina Shayk is opening up for the first time since her ending her relationship with Bradley Cooper.

Since their breakup, both Shayk and Cooper have remained mum on the situation, but the model is finally addressing those ongoing notions people still have of her.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper | Photo by Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

Now, Shayk isn’t holding back and has briefly discussed aspects of her personal life fans have been waiting to know about, especially where she sees the future of her love life going.

Shayk still refuses to talk about her relationship with Cooper

It’s been a few weeks since news outlets revealed that Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper called it quits after spending four years together.

Known as the “hot couple”, Cooper and Shayk always stunned while attending red carpet event together over the years.

They were also great being hands-on parents to their daughter Lea and many of us thought their relationship would last.

Fans soon began to realize that things are not always what the seem on the surface.

After Cooper directed and starred in the award-winning 2018 film A Star is Born, rumors of the actor having romantic feelings for his co-star, Lady Gaga, began circulating.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper | Photo by Ed Herrera via Getty Images

Though Cooper and Shayk made it seem like the rumors weren’t getting the best of their relationship, fans were convinced there was, in fact, trouble in paradise after the model arrived at this year’s Met Gala alone.

While sources confirmed Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper’s split in early June, the former couple has yet to comment on the situation and most likely never will.

“Irina didn’t comment on her personal life before, nor will she ‘address recent developments’ now,” one of Shayk’s modeling agents shared.

Now that Irina Shayk has taken time to herself following the breakup, she is finally opening up about her private life.

As’s new summer digital cover star, Shayk shared some of her “most recent life developments,” and even discussed where she sees her love life going.

Irina Shayk hasn’t dismissed the idea of marriage

While Irina Shayk knows that her recent breakup from Bradley Cooper was heavily covered in the news, the model still questions why so many people were obsessed with it.

“I think it’s just human beings: if you cannot have it, you want to have it,” she told the outlet. “There’s a curtain there, you want to open the curtain. It’s curiosity I guess.”

Now that that chapter with Bradley Cooper has officially closed, many have been wondering if Irina Shayk is still open to marriage.

Seeing as though she never married Cooper, many of us assumed that she is just not the marriage type.

However, Shayk explained to Harper’s Bazaar that that is far from true.

“Do I believe in marriage? Yes, of course,” the star revealed. “I’m not the kind of person who is against it.”

Though she isn’t at that stage with anyone yet, Irina Shayk is still open to dating but would prefer to be approached the old-fashion way.

“Nobody’s sending letters to anyone anymore,” she says. “I really believe if you go for dinner with somebody, you don’t have to send them a text or keep them updated on Instagram message. You freaking pick up the phone, call and say, ‘Let’s have dinner.'”

As for Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper’s relationship, the former couple continues to stay on good terms for their three-year-old daughter’s, Lea De Seine, sake.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk
Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk | Photo by Photopix/GC Images

“Irina’s number one priority is their daughter,” a source close to the celebrities told PEOPLE last month. “She is such a hands-on mom. She takes her to the park, to classes, to playdates, and just adores her.”

“It’s clear that Bradley and Irina have the same goals for their daughter,” the source added. “They are both wonderful parents.”