Is ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Over or Will There Be Season 14 and More?

A lot of good TV shows are being made for basic cable nowadays that sometimes go on for years without millions of viewers noticing. While FXX Network’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has had a loyal fan base, not nearly enough people have watched this dark sitcom that’s been on for an incredible 14 years.

If you only think of Danny DeVito’s TV work as being from Taxi, his run on Philadelphia has exceeded this by nearly double. The rest of the younger cast are also about to break records for being on one of the longest-running sitcoms of all time without much fanfare.

So is the show past its prime, or will it seemingly go on forever?

'It's Always Sunny' cast
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The show proved unlikable characters can still be likeable

When It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia debuted in 2005 on FX, nobody thought a sitcom about horrible people would hit it off with the public. When it’s satire, though, TV has proven time and again showing the realities of questionable people is always comedy gold.

Classics like All in the Family 45 years ago explored bigotry in Archie Bunker, yet ultimately made his character one of the most beloved of all time.

You could place “The Gang” in Philadelphia in with The Bunkers. The only difference is, none of The Gang have any real heart as they operate Paddy’s Pub in the south side of Philly.

Showing the worst side of human behavior to progress themselves in life became a hilarious study in the darkest of souls.

Adding Danny DeVito in the second season upped the psychosis

Despite the show being on 14 years, keep in mind it’s always had truncated seasons compared to normal seasons on regular networks. Only Season Three had the most episodes at 15, with most others being a little over 10.

Nevertheless, they pack so much comedy into each episode, it feels like more. They upped the comedy quotient when Danny DeVito entered the stage in 2006. He plays Frank Reynolds, the father of twins Dennis and Dee Reynolds who co-own Paddy’s Pub.

DeVito is no stranger to playing unlikable characters since that’s been his forte as far back as Taxi on through to his movie career. His Frank Reynolds is Louie De Palma ten times over while on crack cocaine (literally).

A younger cast willing to do just about anything

Let’s also shout out to the rest of the cast who’ve managed to hold back no guilt when it comes to conveying these controversial characters. Charlie Day has always been considered the lead of the show playing Charlie Kelly. Outside of the character’s severe mental issues, he’s the only one who seems to take care of the bar.

Equally as messed up is Rob McElhenney’s “Mac” McDonald. Despite being childhood friends with Charlie, they both relate to one another growing up in horrific environments.

Plus, don’t forget Glenn Howerton and Kaitlin Olson as the brother-sister Reynolds twins. Their relationship is just as troubled, and seem to both be close to certified psychotics.

Is it impossible for a show like this to sustain past 14 seasons?

A couple of years ago, it was announced the show would have a 14th season. Now recent reports have FX CEO John Landgraf saying the show will likely keep going into a 15th season or beyond.

Even he says it seems crazy such a show could sustain while breaking all-time records. Then again, it may not take away from past long-running shows with bigger fan bases. Older 14-year sitcoms often did close to 30 episodes per season, making them more challenging to produce.

On the other hand, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia packs a lot more into each script just to make the characters all the more horrendously rounded.

Setting a TV precedent like this will probably make TV producers fearless on creating characters we know would never be a tenth as bad as the worst people we know.