Is J-Hope from BTS in the New Season of ‘The Masked Singer’?

BTS J-Hope The Masked Singer
J-Hope of BTS | Emma McIntyre/BBMA2019/Getty Images for dcp

BTS’s month-long break is officially over and the group’s fans are busy speculating what the group could drop next. Already ARMY is on high alert for a second Agust D mixtape, a second Hopeworld mixtape, a mixtape from Jungkook, and an album from BTS. Because of a cryptic tweet, some BTS fans speculate that BTS member J-Hope might appear on the new season of The Masked Singer.

J-Hope recently visited Los Angeles

In August 2019, J-Hope traveled to LA for an unknown promotion while BTS was on hiatus. A fan asked what J-Hope was doing in LA on Weverse. He replied, “Sorry, important businessu…”

This is J-Hope’s go-to response when he needs or wants to be left alone. He coined the phrase on BTS: Bon Voyage. J-Hope said he uses the phrase because “When you say ‘important business’ it gets the message across.”

Because ARMY did not get confirmation on why J-Hope traveled to LA, fans developed theories. Some speculated he was recording something for a follow-up to his mixtape, Hopeworld. Others fans theorized J-Hope would appear on The Masked Singer or So You Think You Can Dance.

‘The Masked Singer’ replied to a BTS fan on Twitter

Earlier in September, a BTS fan tweeted a theory that J-Hope traveled to LA to film for The Masked Singer on Fox.

“Wait!!!! Do y’all #BTSARMY remember when the boys cut a promo for @MaskedSingerFOX and they said that they wanted to be on the show. What if, it’s just a what if people, @BTS_twt#JHOPE was in LA for the show. Just a thought. Not trying to get anyone’s hopes up or anything,” the fan tweeted.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Twitter account for The Masked Singer replied to the fan.

“Expect the unexpected #TheMaskedSinger,” the account tweeted.

The Twitter reply caused some BTS fans to think J-Hope might appear on the show

After The Masked Singer replied to the tweets, BTS fans began theorizing if J-Hope appearing on the show was a possibility.

“just saw an ad for the masked singer that said one of the participants is an ‘international recording artist’…you can’t fool me, that’s hobi. please be hobi,” wrote a Twitter user.


Most BTS fans seem to think J-Hope will not appear on ‘The Masked Singer’

Other BTS fans are not convinced J-Hope will appear. The premise of The Masked Singer is that no one knows who is in the costume. To increase suspicion, the show makes it seem like any celebrity could make an appearance.

“i seriously doubt that hobi is on masked singer after seeing the contestant pics… meaning yet another show is trying to get clout from using bts’s name… imagine how tired we are :|,” one fan tweeted.

“y’all the whole point of the masked singer is that NO ONE knows who’s behind the masks,,,, that means any tweets hinting at hobi being a competitor are just for publicity,” another tweeted.

Because of the nature of the show there is no way to know for sure if J-Hope will appear on The Masked Singer. The show could have replied to the tweet simply to make BTS fans intrigued enough to watch. Most of ARMY seems to think that is the most likely option.