Is J-Hope from BTS Releasing ‘Hope World 2’?

J-Hope BTS
J-Hope and Jimin of BTS | (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcp)

When Big Hit Entertainment announced BTS’s hiatus, ARMY thought they would have a relaxing break too. They were wrong. Even when there is not new content the members of BTS tease something could drop at any moment. J-Hope recently hinted that BTS fans are in for a surprise, and now ARMY suspects J-Hope is releasing a follow-up to his mixtape, Hope World.

J-Hope hinted there will be a surprise for BTS fans

On Sept. 5, 2019, a BTS fan posted on Weverse that they were listening to Hope World. The fan said they were listening to the mixtape because they missed J-Hope. The rapper then replied, “Hang in there!! Everybody will be surprised.”

This cryptic comment sent ARMY into a frenzy. Fans suspected that J-Hope hinted at the release of his next mixtape. Before long, “Hope World 2” trended on Twitter.


Another wrote, “an army was listening to hope world then hobi commented ‘Hang in there!! Everybody will be surprised’ …SO WE GETTIN HOPE WORLD 2??? OR IS THIS CONNECTED WHEN HE WENT TO LA??? MARTY??? IM SCARED???”

J-Hope recently traveled to Los Angeles

In August 2019, J-Hope traveled to LA for an unknown promotion. On Aug. 19, 2019, a fan asked what J-Hope was doing in LA on Weverse. He replied, “Sorry, important businessu…”

In BTS: Bon Voyage, he used this phrase whenever BTS was approached by tourists. In Bring the Soul: The Movie, a fan approached J-Hope in Berlin. When security stopped them, they referenced BTS: Bon Voyage and asked “Important business?” J-Hope laughed and repeated the phrase.

Any fan of BTS knows J-Hope uses this phrase in order to be left alone. In BTS: Bon Voyage, he said he uses the phrase because “When you say ‘important business’ it gets the message across.” The phrase is now a sort of inside joke within the fandom.

Fans never found out why J-Hope went to Los Angeles

When J-Hope returned from LA, all of Twitter exploded over the outfit he wore to the airport. J-Hope wore a bucket hat, unbuttoned denim jacket, chains, loose-fitting shorts, and camel-toed shoes. So many people tweeted about it, J-Hope’s airport look trended worldwide.

“the entire timeline choosing to collectively ignore Hoseok’s camel toe shoes at the airport was the greatest silent mutual decisions we’ve ever made,” a fan joked on Twitter.

“it’s the fact he made the effort to wear chains but not a t-shirt like ,,, this was premeditated,” a fan tweeted.

Even when J-Hope returned to South Korea, fans did not find out the reason for his trip. After J-Hope hinted about a surprise on Weverse, fans speculated the trip could be for a new mixtape.

“We still don’t know why Hoseok was in LA…And his trip was the only one that had media attention from when he left the airport, which means BigHit did it intentionally…Sumn big is coming,” a fan speculated on Twitter.

J-Hope’s first mixtape ‘Hope World’ dropped in 2018

Hope World came out on March 1, 2018. The mixtape features seven songs including the track “Airplane.” BTS released a follow-up to the song called “Airplane Pt. 2” on their album Love Yourself: Tear.

Since going on hiatus, BTS fans suspected the follow-up to Suga’s mixtape Agust D might drop because Suga was seen working on new music in Bring the Soul: The Movie and the Bring the Soul docu-series. Jungkook has also released several music clips on Twitter in the past week, making fans suspicious the singer could drop a solo mixtape as well. With J-Hope’s hint, ARMY now suspects three possible mixtapes and a follow-up album to Map of the Soul: Persona.