Is James Gunn Keeping Extra Quiet About the Next ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Film?

Maintaining secrets from major franchises like Marvel has become almost like a CIA operation based on how easy it is to leak any kind of information. Secrets in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are just as vulnerable as any other Marvel leak that’s happened in the past. Thankfully, some new methods are being utilized to keep secrets from movie sets, though Star Wars seems to be doing better.

If one goes by The Mandalorian, Jon Favreau managed to keep one of the biggest pop culture secrets of the year (Baby Yoda) until the series aired.

James Gunn maybe isn’t Jon Favreau in the realm of plotting out how to keep movie secrets. Even so, Gunn has been staying fairly quiet about GotG Vol. 3 after being reinstated as director by Disney.

Some fans are perplexed over Gunn’s quietness, especially in casting

James Gunn on the red carpet
James Gunn | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

One of the biggest questions Marvel fans have right now is whether Gunn is working on bringing Mark Hamill into the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. When interrogated about this recently during an online Q&A, Gunn claims he’d never talked with Hamill about appearing in the film, despite rumors to the contrary.

During the session, Gunn wouldn’t divulge anything about the film, something noted as being unusual when working on his past GotG films. Considering there was a lot of fanfare about him being rehired by Disney to direct the project, Gunn probably knows saying anything in today’s time can mean fans running with it and building more rumors.

If he’s being quiet on purpose, it’s for good reason so any major surprises in the film won’t be spoiled. After all, having Mark Hamill in the film would be a major reveal indeed, outside of not being surprising since Hamill is an official member of the Mouse House.

More likely, Gunn just isn’t focused enough on the film considering he’s still filming Suicide Squad 2 for DC, which is the antithesis to Marvel.

Will ‘GotG Vol. 3’ be a PG-13 comedown after working at DC?

One could speculate James Gunn might be stifled after working at DC where making an R-rated superhero film isn’t any problem. Going from DC to Marvel is quite the leap between two diverging cinematic philosophies. At Marvel, it’s all about staying within a PG-13 framework, which can sometimes prove creatively challenging when making an irreverent movie as the GotG franchise is,

While most people imagine Gunn hasn’t said anything about Vol. 3 because he hasn’t had time to think about it, there could also be problems creatively in getting things going.

Even though Gunn’s dark sense of humor got him in trouble on social media, there’s all indication he’ll be including much of that in the Suicide Squad sequel. Perhaps he wants to do the same for GotG Vol. 3, yet had pushback from Marvel and Disney execs.

If so, initial ideas might have been scrapped in favor of more family-friendly dialogue.

There might be a lot of secrets in the film better off kept quiet

With those rumors of Mark Hamill coming aboard, there may be a lot of cameos in GotG Vol. 3 Gunn simply wants to keep a tight lid on. No doubt there’s been a lot of talks going on in the pre-production rounds about such things.

Is it possible audiences will see some of the surviving Avengers in the film, assuming it takes place after Infinity War? All indications show it does take place in that timeline, making it open for a lot of exciting possibilities.

From the perspective of Gunn, he may have a few surprises up his sleeve throwing in a few edgier things. His terseness, though, is going to lead to a lot of speculation about what’s really going on behind the scenes.

All anyone hopes is his reinstatement by Disney isn’t being besieged by more creative disagreements Gunn doesn’t want to make public yet.