Is Jax Taylor Leaving ‘Vanderpump Rules?’

Jax Taylor Instagram

Jax Taylor has been a fixture on Vanderpump Rules since the show debuted in 2013 on Bravo. Taylor was typically positioned as the show’s bad boy and trouble maker. He cheated on girlfriends and seemed to always be on boss Lisa Vanderpump’s naughty list too.

However, at age 39, Taylor seems to be making significant changes in his life. Last season he seemed to be continuing with his bad boy ways but this season showed huge changes. What is different for Taylor now and why does that mean this may be his last season on the show?

Taylor got engaged

The season started Taylor proposing to girlfriend Brittany Cartwright. Luckily for Taylor, Cartwright said “yes” and the two have been in wedding planning mode ever since.

They traveled to Cartwright’s home state of Kentucky to secure the wedding venue and lock down other details. Cartwright also posted to Instagram she found her dress. She wrote, “I just had my first fitting at @kinsleyjamescouturebridal after finding my dress, with my AMAZING designer @nettabenshabu.official 🥰 I am beyonddddd excited and I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear!! This dress is better than I could have imagined! Ahhhhh!!”

He’s doing more than bartending

Taylor was a bartender at Vanderpump’s signature restaurant, SUR. However, he indicated on Twitter recently he’s involved in several other businesses now. A Twitter follower asserted he wasn’t really doing anything with this life. He responded, “So the three business I started aren’t businesses? Do your research before you tweet garbage sweetie, you look and sound stupid. I am doing very well thank you. I haven’t ‘bartended’ since July. You are watching a show that was shot a long time ago.”

He added, “Hey if you are doing something that earns you income and you are happy, you don’t need to explain to anyone. I would never take back my bartending days, I had a blast and I think it’s safe to say it’s changed my life for the better.”

Recently, Taylor did some marketing for Taco Bell. He hinted on Twitter, “On set in Laguna beach for @tacobell shoot!! Stay tuned!” Bravo confirmed that Taylor would be promoting Taco Bell’s Party Packs.

He made this comment

Taylor made a cryptic comment on Twitter that may indicate he’s ready to leave reality television. However, this isn’t the first time Taylor said he was moving on. Last year he toyed with taking a job in Florida. “I got a job offer in Tampa working in hockey doing client relations, social media, and marketing,” he said during an episode last year, E News reports. “The plus of this is I get a little bit of a change of scenery, and I get to be closer to my family.”

However, Taylor ultimately stayed in Los Angeles after his father, who lived in Florida, died. He’s also become estranged from his mother since his father’s death. “I used to be very close to my mom,” Taylor said on during this season of the show, Bravo recounts. “Everybody’s like, I love your mom. We really haven’t communicated in the last six months, pretty much since my father passed. Their marriage was on the rocks; she was talking about leaving my dad about a year before he got cancer. Toward the end, my mom would say, ‘Oh, he’s fine.’ We didn’t know he was in ICU; I would have been there in a heartbeat if I knew he was in ICU. I mean, I get it, my mother’s trying to protect my sister and I, but I should have been able to say goodbye to my dad.”

One indicator Taylor may leave is a recent Twitter comment. A Twitter follower remarked that Taylor would probably end up working at Vanderpump’s new restaurant, Tom Tom. But Taylor responded, “No.. I don’t have the time anymore. It was a lot of fun though for many years but it’s time to move on to bigger and better adventures.” Does that mean he’ll leave the show completely? He’s not saying one way or another. However, don’t be surprised if he and Cartwright ride off into the sunset.

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