Is Jeff Bezos’ New Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez Already Planning to Move In?

How long does it take a heart to heal after a divorce?

Apparently not that long, as Jeff Bezos and his new girlfriend Lauren Sanchez appear to be stronger than ever. In fact, the couple is reportedly planning on moving in together.

“They are very much together, and are planning to move in together,” a source told PEOPLE.

Bezos announced earlier this month that he was divorcing his wife,  Mackenzie Bezos. Later that same day, the National Enquirer broke the news that Bezos had actually been having an affair with Sanchez. Despite dating Bezos, Sanchez is currently married to WME agent Patrick Whitesell.

But Bezos won’t get out of his relationship with his wife unscathed. Their divorce will be one of the most expensive in history, as Bezos is estimated to be worth $137 billion.

Since news of their relationship was made public, Sanchez and Bezos have still been careful not to be spotted in public together. Despite this, a source close to the couple told PEOPLE that the two are in “constant contact.”


The Relationship

So how did these two come together?

Apparently, they started out having a working relationship when they were collaborating on a few projects together. From there, they began to develop feelings for one another.

Before the couple went public with their relationship, they informed both Mackenzie and Whitesell.

“Their families dealt with this in the fall,” the source continued. “The world is catching up to it, but it has had zero impact on their relationship. They’ve never been stronger.”

Bezos has four children with his wife Mackenzie and Sanchez has two with her husband who she will now be divorcing after 13 years of marriage.

Who is Jeff Bezos?

Bezos is mostly known for opening

He always had an in interest in computers and used that interest to study electrical engineering at Princeton University. Initially, after college, Bezos worked on Wall Street. He had an extremely successful career before Amazon. In 1990, he became the youngest senior vice president at the investment firm D.E. Shaw.

Though he was already in a lucrative position at the company, Bezos later quit to open Amazon.

Initially, the company was run out of Bezos’ garage. He only had a few employees in the beginning and they spent most of their time developing software. After a while, Bezos and his team moved the company into a two-bedroom house.

Eventually, Bezos was able to create a test site for Amazon, which he invited 300 of his friends to beta test.

Bezos finally launched Amazon on July 16, 1995. After it’s launch, the site sold books in the US and 45 countries in just 30 days. In only two months, the company was up to $20,000 in sales a week.

Amazon then went public in 1997.

After the success of Amazon, Bezos decided to branch out into other areas. In 2013, Bezos bought TheWashington Post  for $250 million.

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