Is Jeff Lewis Dating Someone New After His Breakup with Gage Edward?

Jeff Lewis has been giving updates since his breakup with his former partner, Gage Edward. His latest one might be a sign that the Flipping Out star is moving on in his love life. Is Jeff Lewis dating someone new? Here is everything you need to know.

Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Gage Edward reportedly started dating after their breakup

Jeff Lewis revealed that he and Gage Edward broke up on Jeff Lewis Live. Edward also moved out of their home and later started moving on by dating someone else.

Lewis wasn’t happy about this. “I will not say his name, but just for today, we’re going to call him ‘home wrecker,'” said the designer. “Home wrecker, I think, has been in [Gage’s] ear for quite some long time. I think home wrecker has exploited quite a vulnerable situation. I think this person positioned himself as a gym buddy friend, and I think this person has set his sights on him for quite some time.”

In a later episode, Lewis claimed that Edward threatened to hire a lawyer because the host was going down a “destructive path.” Lewis said the conversation was a wake-up call.

Lewis said he’s been dating a chiropractor

The designer said he has been moving on with a doctor. He talked about their last date on his show.

I had my third date with the chiropractor this weekend,” he said according to People. “I can’t say what happened because that’s a boundary that I’m not allowed to cross.”

That might be surprising given the reality star is pretty open about everything. However, he is keeping this private because the chiropractor has a “rule” of “anything romantic or sexual stays between us” and Lewis is sticking to it.

He still has let other details slip. In a previous episode, he said they fought over who would pay the check on their second date and the reality star won. The chiropractor said he’ll pick a place for their third date so he could pay.

He isn’t supposed to be in a relationship for a year

Another thing that Lewis has been open about is therapy. His therapist actually made a rule for dating.

Lewis said he “cannot be in a relationship for a year” according to his therapist. He also revealed one thing he doesn’t want his date to know about him yet.

“I don’t want him to know yet how high maintenance I really am,” the radio host said. “He needs to fall in love first before he realizes how I really am. We all do that. In three months, I will be real Jeff. But right now, I am fake Jeff.”

It sounds like Lewis is open to dating again, but things might not get serious given his therapist’s rule. Things are also in the very early stages where the doctor doesn’t quite know everything about Lewis yet.

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