Is Jeffree Star’s Makeup Cruelty-Free?

He’s more than just a YouTuber. Jeffree Star is one of the most influential names in the beauty industry, especially since the creation of his makeup company, Jeffree Star cosmetics. Does Jeffree Star Cosmetics test on animals? Are their beauty products vegan? Here’s what we know about this makeup line and the beauty influencer.

Artist Jeffree Star of Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Artist Jeffree Star | Photo by Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

Are the Jeffree Star Cosmetics makeup products cruelty-free?

Jeffree Star has been a public figure for over a decade now. First rising to fame with MySpace, then music, then YouTube, this artist now focuses on makeup and his cosmetics line. Officially launched in 2015, this makeup company has since grown to include multiple eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, and even clothing items.

Recently, Jeffree Star premiered the eyeshadow palette, Blue Blood, during spring 2019. Still, some fans are wondering whether this company tests on animals. According to their website, all of Jeffree Star’s cosmetics are cruelty-free.

“Yes, our whole line is cruelty-free! Makeup is for humans, not animals. We have also researched our manufacturers and know 100% they don’t affiliate or get ingredients from places that are not cruelty-free,” their website’s frequently asked questions section says. Now, Jeffree Star might be collaborating with another YouTuber, and it’s not someone known for being a “beauty guru.”

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star teased their own cosmetics line in the series, ‘The Secret World of Jeffree Star’

He may be known for his conspiracy-theory videos and documentaries, but Shane Dawson explained he always had a love for makeup. The YouTuber highlighted this in his multi-part YouTube series, “The Secret World of Jeffree Star,” where he interviewed the artist and talked about cosmetics.

During the episode entitled “The Secret Life of Jeffree Star,” Shane Dawson got a behind the scenes look into Jeffree Star cosmetics. Particularly, Shane Dawson saw how each of the product is manufactured and distributed. The YouTuber concluded that he would like to make his own line of makeup and Jeffree Star agreed, saying that there’s never been a series where someone showed the process of creating makeup.

Now, that idea is finally becoming a reality. After months of waiting, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star premiered their latest project, entitled “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.” Unlike the previous series, this will focus on Shane Dawson’s own cosmetics, as well as discuss hot topics in the YouTube community.

Other YouTube Beauty Gurus, including James Charles, created their own cosmetics

Jeffree Star is not the first YouTube celebrity to branch off to cosmetics. The first-ever “Cover Boy,” James Charles, created his own eyeshadow palette with the brand Morphe. Star of the YouTube series UNHhhh, (and VH1’s reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race,) Trixie Mattel recently launched her line of cosmetics. However, this would be the first time that YouTuber Shane Dawson got involved with makeup companies.

To learn more about Jeffree Star Cosmetics and to purchase, visit their website. Episodes of Shane Dawson’s series’ entitled, “The Secret World of Jeffree Star” and “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” are available on YouTube.