Is Jenelle Evans Really Going to Start Doing Haul Videos?

Do you want to see Jenelle Evans buy a bunch of stuff from a discount shopping website then talk about it on camera? The North Carolina native and former Teen Mom 2 star wants to know! She took to Twitter yesterday to find out what fans think about her doing haul videos, and the question elicited some interesting responses. In the wake of her custody battle, it looks like Evans is trying to give her career new life, but fans don’t think it’s going to happen.

Jenelle has asked her Twitter followers about video ideas

The mother of three doesn’t seem to be wasting any time injecting herself back into the media spotlight. While she’s been busy offering clickbait to her followers on both Twitter and Instagram, she’s also asking some important questions, too. She took to Twitter yesterday to ask fans what they think about her posting potential haul videos to YouTube.

Evans noted that she’s been spending her time cruising Wish and thinks it would be an excellent idea for a YouTube video. Apparently, she plans to purchase a bunch of stuff from the online retailer, but that is were her storyboarding ends. What she intends to do with the items once she receives them is up in the air.

The Wish haul idea is nothing new

While Jenelle apparently thinks she’s come up with a great haul video idea, it’s already been done. Several content creators who aren’t blacklisted from Hollywood have already produced similar videos.

Mia Maples, a content creator with over 2 million subscribers, has uploaded Wish content in the past. Safiya Nygaard, a content creator with nearly 8 million subscribers, has also produced similar content. Nygaard’s most popular Wish-centric content has 15 million views. Nygaard previously worked for Buzzfeed.

Evans has neither the subscriber count or the squeaky clean reputation needed to succeed at these types of videos, but some fans still would like to see her make it happen. Twitter users sounded off in the comments of the tweet, and while there were several who pointed out that the mother of three has more important things to focus on at the moment, there were plenty of commenters who actually want to see it happen.

Jenelle’s tweet is further proof that the North Carolina native needs money

YouTube is a robust content sharing platform. Lots of creators make a living by uploading videos to the platform, and it’s a fantastic way to amass a following, but Jenelle’s sudden interest in the platform just further points to the notion that she’s running out of money and quickly.

Teen Mom 2 viewers have long surmised that Evans isn’t exactly a financial Wizkid and that the moment MTV walked away from the troubled star she’d be desperate to find a way to make a living. Even with her rumored “medical school” degree, her skill set is somewhat limited.

It seems she thinks YouTube is her next big thing. She has uploaded two videos in the last three weeks, and her newest idea only further solidifies the notion that she’s trying to make YouTube her next job. Hollywood seems to have blacklisted the former reality TV star, so it’s safe to say the online realm is her only entertainment avenue left.