Is Jennifer Lawrence Hiding Her Real Engagement Ring?

With the recent news Jennifer Lawrence is about to tie the knot with her boyfriend, Cooke Maroney, we have a feeling she took some deliberate measures to hide things from the media. Since everyone has been watching JLaw forever on her love life, the idea of a wedding ring no doubt tempts every paparazzi pursuer.

It seems she’s been hiding her engagement ring as a result. Yet, what’s really true and what isn’t about that ring? Lawrence may be controlling more things than we think.

Did the media exaggerate about Jennifer Lawrence’s engagement ring?

The paparazzi often exaggerates many things, especially when an engagement ring is involved. Initial reports said Lawrence’s engagement ring was huge as seen in some recent paparazzi photos from Page Six.

Elle reported further on this and elaborated on follow-up photos showing her wearing what appears to be a much smaller ring during a later date.

This turned into a big mystery and had fans speculating whether she decided to have a more modest diamond placed into the ring. Others say she simply turned the ring around on her finger, knowing paparazzi cameras would snap a close-up pic.

Based on the evidence, we say it’s likely the same large rock turned around on her finger deliberately.

Would Cooke Maroney spend that much for a large ring?

A lot of mystery has surrounded Cooke Maroney, only because he’s not famous. Let’s not forget, though: just because he isn’t a celebrity doesn’t mean he doesn’t have money to spend.

He’s reportedly a director of a ritzy art museum called Gladstone Gallery in the upper east side of Manhattan. Plus, he has famous art clients and likely does quite well for himself.

So it isn’t out of the question he’d have the money to pay for a large engagement ring. Only, we hope JLaw doesn’t walk over many sewer grates while traversing NYC’s streets.

Lawrence may be educating Maroney on the paparazzi

Recently, more candid photos were posted from Page Six showing Lawrence and Maroney out. Maroney looked a little spooked at the paparazzi cameras, which isn’t surprising considering he’s not used to media attention.

Despite this, he may be getting a good education on how to handle these photographers. Lawrence appears to be a master in doing things that throw paparazzi off the trail without ruining a good evening.

Another good example of this is when she was recently seen wearing leather gloves for an outing in TriBeCa. While you can say it was a logical move because of the cold weather, she isn’t usually caught wearing gloves when on dates.

Is Lawrence creating a new way to deal with paparazzi photos?

It’s often maddening to see celebrities be driven crazy by the paparazzi about the smallest details. Since no celebrity can do away with paparazzi and still have a career, JLaw seems to have learned a lot on her own over the last decade.

What makes her different is that she’s already transparent about a lot of things, including her past relationships. Doing so helps satiate the curiosity of the press who follow her around mercilessly.

At the same time, she’s learned how to do subtle little things so things stay hidden until she’s ready for everyone to see them. The ring move and the gloves show us she’s become one of the smartest celebrities on thinking things over before going out for anything.

Still, it’s likely she’ll reveal her engagement ring somewhere soon. With the Oscars coming up, she might finally share it to the world on the red carpet without paparazzi photographers tripping over themselves.