Is Jessa Duggar Growing Up to Be Just Like Her Famous Mom?

We’ve been keeping up with the Duggar family for years, and we can thank Jim Bob and Michelle for bringing their children into the spotlight. While it began with shows like 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggar kids are growing up fast and stealing the fame with TLC’s Counting OnAnd Jessa has become a fan favorite over the years as she’s courted, married, and had two children (soon to be three) of her own.

Many fans have suggested that Jessa may be on the more liberal side, but could she actually be growing up to be just like her mother, Michelle? Here’s what we think.

Jessa isn’t afraid to share info about her kids with the public

The Duggar family visits "Extra"
The Duggar family visits “Extra” | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Michelle and Jim Bob have been open and honest with the public about how they raise their family since the beginning of their stint on TV. We’ve been watching Michelle through many of her pregnancies, and fans have felt connected to her and Jim Bob through their toughest times. We recall when their youngest daughter, Josie, had complications for being born prematurely, and Michelle also shared her heartbreak of having a stillborn 20th child. It appears Jessa, who now has two sons and a third baby on the way, is willing to be just as open with her family life as her famous mother is.

Jessa shares details of her life on Counting On, of course, but we get even more of an in-depth look into her life thanks to her family blog and Instagram. Her Instagram offers near-daily updates on her life with her sons, Spurgeon and Henry. And while some fans are quick to judge a few of her parenting decisions, she’s proven she’s not afraid to defend her or her family from the hate. From mundane daily tasks to special events, we see it all on her social media accounts.

Jessa may want just as many kids as Michelle Duggar

We all know Jessa’s third baby is on the way, as she’s posted about it online for her fans. And while three children may seem like more than enough for most couples, Jessa and her husband, Ben, may be planning on having just as many kids as Michelle Duggar. A few years back, E! News notes Jessa said, “I might have more than 19 kids.” And it appears she’s probably also not using any form of birth control like her mother, either, as it’s against their belief system.

E! News notes Jessa did note that not all of her children are likely to be biologically hers, however. “I want to adopt a lot,” she’s said before — and she’s not the only Duggar family member to mention she’s interested in adoption, either. This may be for the best, as the Duggar women are known for having difficult home births. Either way, we know she and Ben are ultra excited about having as many kids as possible.

The 1 major difference: Her open-minded husband, Ben Seewald

Jessa may love being in the spotlight and having children just like her mom, but there is one major difference — and it all has to do with her husband, Ben Seewald. Jim Bob Duggar is known for his ultra-conservative viewpoints, and he even served as a Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives. Ben is certainly a follower of Christ just like the Duggars, but Romper notes he’s way less conservative than Jim Bob.

Ben has spoken out before about how he doesn’t identify as either a Republican or a Democrat, and he’s even openly opposed Trump’s viewpoints. Not only that, but he’s supported the Black Lives Matter movement, too. We’re not sure what Jim Bob would have to say about Ben’s viewpoints, but it seems they’d assuredly clash in terms of politics. Perhaps Jessa will also grow to be more liberal over time, too.

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