Is Jill Duggar Actually Improving Her Cooking Skills? Why Some Fans Think So

We’ve been watching the Duggar family for years, and there’s one thing for sure: Their family is nothing like most. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, a Christian fundamentalist couple, decided to have as many as children as possible through the years, which eventually led to 19. Now, the Duggar children who began their careers on TV are growing up fast — and many of them are even married with children of their own.

If there’s one Duggar child that fans love keeping track of, it’s Jill Duggar. From her controversial husband to her recipes that often leave her followers disgusted, fans can’t look away from Jill’s culinary techniques that often receive serious backlash. Now, however, it seems some believe she’s improving her cooking skills, and here’s why.

The Duggars are well-known for their lack of cooking skills

Aside from their huge family, bizarre dating rules, and strict dress code, the Duggars are also known for their bad cooking. Many fans of the family aren’t surprised by their lack of culinary skills, however, as feeding a family of 21 for every meal is seriously hard work. As one Reddit user explained, “You can’t cook gourmet meals when you have a bajillion kids. The Duggars don’t know how to cook because they grew up on green bean casseroles w/o fresh veggies. Even now that they have money, their customs and palates haven’t grown (much).”

Fans also need to keep in mind that the kids were doing much of the cooking growing up, so the dishes had to be simple and often didn’t involve fresh ingredients. “It’s not like Michelle had much time to learn how to cook herself nonetheless teach her daughters,” the Reddit user went on. And since Jill grew up on these family recipes, she loves sharing them on her personal blog. Unfortunately, her followers typically aren’t into the food she’s recommending.

Jill’s recipes are usually slammed for being unhealthy

For anyone who wants to eat like a Duggar, Jill has you covered. Unfortunately, In Touch Weekly notes she’s constantly getting slammed for the food she’s promoting to the public. Jill’s chicken salad recipe, in particular, had some pretty brutal comments from her followers — and it had everything to do with how unhealthy the dish seemed. “Put gross chicken in a bowl and smother with mayo,” one of her followers wrote. And another added, “Couldn’t she add some celery and red onion? Some grapes, apples, or walnuts?”

The chicken salad may be far from the worst, however. We can’t forget her breakfast casserole, either, which combines tater tots, cheese, butter, eggs, and milk for a gut-busting dish. And while her BBQ Tuna Fish isn’t calorically the worst thing she’s ever made, the combination of canned tuna and barbecue sauce was enough for fans to slam this recipe as a disaster, too.

Fans find one of her newer recipes to be an improvement

It seems Jill may actually be paying attention to some of the critical commentary she’s received when it comes to her recipes. On her Dillard Family blog, she added the recipe for her Sweet Green Beans. Not only does the recipe call for frozen, whole green beans instead of canned, but it also uses turkey bacon instead of regular pork bacon for a tasty dish with less fat. There’s still brown sugar and margarine added, of course, but even so, fans see this one as an improvement. As one fan noted on her Instagram, “
“Looks good. I’ll try it at my job.” And another scolded a critical follower of Jill’s by saying, “actually green beans are healthy. And turkey bacon is considered a healthy alternative to regular pork bacon.”

Green beans aside, it seems Jill is also giving the health-conscious crowd another option: her Blender Muffins. She boasts that they’re free of both gluten and dairy and even recommends adding fresh fruit in. With the green beans followed by the muffins, could we be seeing a whole new Jill on the horizon? We imagine we’ll still get some of her old recipes in the future, but perhaps we’ll also see more healthy options, too.

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