Is Jinger Duggar Actually Having a Hard Time as a New Mom?

The Duggars have been on reality TV for years, and while it was originally Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar who brought their kids into the spotlight, it seems their adult children are now outshining them. Jinger Duggar has always been a fan favorite over the years, too. We’ve watched her grow from being one of the freer thinkers in the family into a young woman who’s happily married with a daughter of her own.

Jinger clearly loves being a mom as evidenced by what she posts on Instagram. But some fans think she’s actually having a tougher time with motherhood than she says. Here’s what’s going on.

Jinger’s daughter, Felicity, recently turned 9 months old

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 9 months since Jinger had Felicity. The happy mom just posted an adorable photo of her baby to commemorate the special day, too. “A few days late but here is Felicity’s 9 month photo! Any mom’s out there relate? Looks like the days of calmly posing for photos are behind us,” she captioned the Instagram post. And fans absolutely adore all of the photos posts of Felicity, too. “Where has time gone! Felicity is growing up so fast!” one Instagram follower commented.

We can’t forget that Jinger and Jeremy raised a few eyebrows when Jinger seemingly waited awhile after marriage to have kids. The Duggars are infamous for their short courtships and then having children immediately after the wedding — but some thought Jinger and Jeremy may have been using birth control, which is not the Duggar way. Was Jinger using birth control — and did she have any concerns about having children? We may never know the truth, but we can’t forget that she said she’s open to having more kids if that’s what God wants for her.

Her husband, Jeremy, is also still getting used to being a new dad

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Being a parent is no easy task, and while Michelle Duggar is a mother to 19, Jinger and Jeremy still have to get used to being brand new parents to Felicity. Jeremy posted this funny quote about sleeplessness to his Instagram right around the time Felicity was born. And People reports he also added a text post about how coffee is his new best friend since having an infant.

While the new parents are getting used to life with a daughter, fans have still been quick to the judge them for their parenting, however. CafeMom notes on one adorable photo of Jeremy holding Felicity, Felicity is seen outdoors without socks or shoes on — and his followers were quick to judge. And since Jinger and Jeremy are constantly under public scrutiny, nothing they do online can go without fan criticism. This can make parenting their little one even harder.

Fans on Reddit thinks she may be hiding her real feelings about motherhood

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Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows in the world of being a new parent — and Romper notes Jinger even said on a recent podcast that she found parenting Felicity “intimidating” in the beginning. Fans on Reddit also think Jinger is putting on a happy face even when parenting is hard. “It’s not just Jinger. I notice it in my mother’s group. This facade of everything’s going great and loving every minute of motherhood,” one fan said. And another added, “Any mom who says they enjoy EVERY stage is a straight up liar. Just no. No, you don’t.” Yet another criticized Jinger further by saying, “Jinger sounds so brainless in her ‘mama’ posts. Like she’s just saying exactly what everyone else in her circle is saying, phrasing it exactly as they would.”

Perhaps Jinger really is enjoying all of these moments of motherhood thus far — or maybe we’ll see her get more “real” about being a mom later. Either way, we’re hoping it’s all going well for her and Jeremy as they experience life as new parents.

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