Is Jinger Duggar Excited to Move So Far Away From Her Family?

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are getting ready for a major move: The couple and their daughter, Felicity, are moving to California to start a new chapter in Los Angeles. But Jinger has always been very close with her family; she currently lives in Laredo, Texas while her parents and siblings live in Arkansas. Jinger has always been known as the Duggar family’s rebel daughter — is she excited to move even farther away from them?

Jinger Duggar with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo and daughter, Felicity Vuolo. | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram

Jinger and Jeremy will move to Los Angeles in July

The Vuolos announced a couple months back that they would be moving to California this coming July. Jeremy will be taking graduate classes in Los Angeles, and the couple seem torn about the excitement of starting a new chapter and the sadness that comes with leaving their town. Jinger and Jeremy moved to Texas after they were married; Jeremy had been there for several years, and traditionally, the woman follows the man’s lead in the Duggar family. When the two made the announcement about moving, they noted they would be very sad to move away from their Texas town, but Jinger didn’t mention anything about moving farther away from her family.

There were rumors that Jinger was feuding with her parents over the move

Once the news about the move broke, people thought Jinger and Jeremy might fit in better in Los Angeles than other Duggars would because they seem to be more liberal (to a degree) than other members of the family. For a while, people had noticed that Jinger wasn’t speaking to her parents much on social media (the Duggars are always very vocal on one another’s posts), which prompted people to question whether there was a feud among the family members.

Jinger posted a photo on Instagram showing that she and her mother are still very close

Despite the drama that fans attempted to create, it doesn’t look like there is any bad blood between Jinger and her parents. And Jinger set the record straight by posting a photo with her mother on social media thanking her for paying her a visit in Laredo. “It’s been so wonderful having my beautiful mother in town!” Jinger wrote on Instagram. “She is one amazing woman and my hero. I am so blessed to call her mom.” It seemed to be Jinger’s way of letting the world know the she and her mother are still closer than ever.

Jinger seems excited to start a new chapter but will likely miss her family

Jinger dyed her hair blonde ahead of her move to California.

Jinger has made it clear over the last couple months that she’s excited to start a new chapter in Los Angeles (she recently dyed her hair blonde, showing she’s doing things a little differently than her family members). However, she’s also made it clear that it’s a huge change for her family. Since she already has to fly to see the other Duggars, it won’t be much of a change in that sense, and maybe Jinger is excited to take her own path in life. However, she certainly has a close relationship with her mother and sisters and is likely sad about being an even further plane ride away.

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