Is Jinger Duggar Pregnant Again? This Instagram Photo Could Hold a Secret Clue

It hasn’t been too long since Jessa Duggar announced that she was expecting baby number three, but fans are already anticipating even more Duggar baby news. Who will be next? Many eagle-eyed Instagrammers have their predictions lined up for the next announcement. Spoiler alert: they think it might be Jinger Vuolo.

How many children does Jinger Duggar have?

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo tied the knot in November 2016 and welcomed their baby daughter, Felicity, in July 2018. The entire Duggar family is especially obsessed with their beautiful little girl because she’s the first girl baby born to one of the Duggar daughters (Jessa and Jill have two boys each, and Joy-Anna has one son). Josh has two daughters with his wife Anna, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Felicity is still one of the favored grandchildren in the family right now. It helps that she’s incredibly cute – and that Jinger isn’t afraid to show her off all over social media.

The timing of this next baby would be pretty quick for most people, but since the Duggars don’t believe in using birth control, it’s certainly possible that Jinger could already be pregnant again. After all, her mom Michelle averaged about one baby per year for most of her child-bearing years.

Why do fans think Jinger might be pregnant?

The clue about a potential pregnancy for Jinger came about from an Instagram post. Jeremy Vuolo posted a sweet pic of his wife curled up in a chair, looking cozy and sipping something from a mug. “She loves cozy winter evenings with a good book and a cup of tea @cfm_vintage,” the caption read.

This all seems innocent enough – until you realize Jinger is an avid coffee drinker, so choosing tea could have subtle meaning. Commenters were all over the post, saying things like, “Tea?! Not coffee! Wow! Prego maybe?”

That’s not enough evidence to inspire scheduling another baby shower – until you stop to consider that when Jinger was pregnant with Felicity, she declined coffee at a family gathering right before announcing the good news. It’s possible that her tea selection has a ton of meaning behind it!

Is Jinger pregnant again?

Is she, or isn’t she? Only time will tell. It’s just as likely that Jinger felt like having tea in that moment (maybe it was nighttime, and she didn’t want to have too much caffeine).

Even if Jinger is expecting another baby, it’s likely she’ll let her sister Jessa have the spotlight for a little while before making an official announcement. And even if she’s not currently pregnant, she’ll probably wind up having more than one child soon enough. Counting On fans usually never have to wait too long between Duggar baby announcements!