Is Jon Gosselin From ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Going to Go for Custody of All 8 Kids?

We’ve been watching Jon and Kate Gosselin feud for years following the mega success of their show, Jon & Kate Plus 8The two first attained fame thanks to the documentary-style TV series that followed the lives of them and their sets of twins and sextuplets. Their show didn’t last due to the crumbling of their marriage, however. And soon enough, the series became just Kate Plus 8, as Jon no longer wanted to be associated.

We never thought we’d hear much of Jon Gosselin again, but now he’s back — and he’s already gaining custody of some of the kids. Will he go for all eight? Here’s what’s been reported.

Kate gained custody of all the kids after their divorce

Plenty of divorces are settled without serious dispute, but Jon and Kate’s wasn’t one of them. CNN reports after 10 years of marriage, the two finalized their divorce back in 2009. Unfortunately for Jon, the court ruled largely in Kate’s favor and awarded her primary custody of all eight children. “This has been a challenging transition for all of us, but I am confident that we will move ahead with the important task of restructuring our lives,” she said in a statement at the time.

While Jon was awarded shared physical custody, he’s noted in past interviews that it’s caused a huge rift between him and his children. He told Entertainment Tonight, “I just go to the bus stop [at Kate’s house] and whoever I get, I get,” and he also mentioned he hadn’t seen all of his kids together at once in at least three to four years. Not only that, but some of the children, like the twins, Mady and Cara, stopped coming altogether.

Jon recently attained full custody of Collin

In the years since the divorce, the media has caught wind that all may not be well in the Kate Gosselin household. Hannah, one of the sextuplets, has been living with Jon full-time since February 2017. He told Entertainment Tonight that there was a day when Hannah did not want to go back to her mother’s home after spending time with Jon. “She just didn’t want to go home. She wasn’t getting out of the car, she just had a fear, and I wasn’t going to discuss it at the end [of the] driveway.” Since then, we’ve seen plenty of Instagram photos of Jon and Hannah together as their own small family.

Hannah isn’t the only one to defect from Kate’s. More recently, Jon won temporary sole physical and legal custody of son Collin who has been in treatment for “special needs,” Us Weekly reports. Collin was spending a lot of time with Jon and his sister, Hannah, prior to the custody battle. And Jon won because Kate and her lawyer failed to show up to court. In regards to failing to show, Jon said, “I would never … I would always go to court, no matter what.”

Currently, Collin is still residing at the facility that his helping him with his reported behavioral issues. But when he’s prepared to pack up and leave, he’ll be heading to Jon’s house instead of Kate’s.

Will he go for all the kids?

Jon’s thrilled to have gained full custody of Collin. In Touch Weekly notes a source said, “Jon has been trying to do everything by the book in order to obtain custody of Collin and it’s finally paid off.” Not only that, but the insider also added that this is “just the beginning” for Jon, meaning he’s going to keep trying to get custody of more of his children.

As for how Jon hopes to gain custody, keeping a steady job and a stable home is a start. And Romper notes the father of eight has been doing well by working full-time in I.T. and part-time as a disc jockey. The publication notes one source told Hollywood Life, “Jon’s one and only goal in life right now is getting more time with his kids. He’s doing everything he can to win their next custody battle. He’s totally overhauled his life, he’s even back working a regular job again.”

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