Is Jordan Verroi From ‘Summer House’ Playing a Dangerous Dating Game?

Carl Radke from Summer House called it last week. When Jordan Verroi hooked up with Danielle Olivera, Radke wished them luck. And said, “So screwed.” Indeed.

It didn’t take long for the hookup to go south as Verroi started distancing himself from Olivera the next morning. While Olivera didn’t seem worried, Verroi appeared to go out of his way to ensure that Olivera didn’t think they were “a thing now.”

Jordan Verroi, Paige Desorbo, Danielle Olivera, and Hannah Berner | Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Both Verroi and Olivera admitted they wanted to kiss someone during the July 4 party. And while neither seemed to be incredibly in love with each other, Olivera didn’t totally realize that Verroi just wasn’t that into her. Thankfully her friends filled her in.

Olivera is excited about the connection

After she and Verroi kiss, Olivera says that she’s excited about the possibilities in a confessional interview. “I don’t normally put myself out there, but the fact I feel this connection with Jordan, I’m actually really excited,” she says.

Of course, during the make-out session, Verroi told Olivera he was attracted to her. Afterward, Olivera seemed giddy and happy. However, Verroi says, “Danielle is hot, but I don’t want that to ruin my chances with everybody else in this house.”

While at a house bonfire, Olivera admits she was sorry it wasn’t more than just a fun make-out session. But says in a confessional interview, “I think Jordan and I have hit it off. This could be the start of a beautiful, convenient, summer romance.”

But, he made it clear which housemate he is into

Olivera heads back to the city and the rest of the group hangs at the beach bonfire. The group immediately wants to know if Verroi and Olivera are now a couple. But Verroi says the hookup was nothing more than that–a drunken makeout session. “Do I want to have sex with her and bring her home to my mom? No,” Verroi says. Everyone cringes.

Paige DeSorbo says that she bets Olivera sees it differently. “I’m sorry that was not just a makeout,” Linsday Hubbard says. “That was five makeouts, don’t f**k with my girl.” So then Verroi is asked, who he is into Olivera or DeSorbo. Verroi and DeSorbo work together and knew each other previously.

Without hesitation. Verroi says DeSorbo (oh, because she is sitting there, he adds). Earlier in the episode, Verroi admits he was not only pursuing DeSorbo before, but he will also continue to leave the door open in the future. “Paige and I were talking before the summer even started. So just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t.”


On DeSorbo’s end, it is so not going to happen. In fact, she told Hannah Berner that she was happy Verroi and Olivera hooked up. “You can’t date someone you work with,” she adds.

After Verroi makes his awkward declaration at the beach bonfire, DeSorbo tries to clear the air. When asked if they were talking before the summer, she says, “No we were not talking. He asked me out on a date, which I respectfully declined.” The girl had to get to her spray tan night. She adds that she likes him as a friend and is not into it.

She goes further. “The first weekend I kinda shut it down,” she says. “The next weekend you went to Danielle.” Meanwhile Radke is laughing. “Jordan, I think you are doing great, man,” he says assuringly. “Just live your life.” Meanwhile, during an off-camera interview. “Jordan is completely unaware of the consequences of hooking up with someone in the house and not really giving a sh*t,” Radke says (cue the montage). “This is 100% the exact reminder I need to not hook up casually with someone in the summer house.”

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