Is Justin Hartley’s Marriage as Picture-Perfect as it Seems?

Viewers at home nearly melted when This Is Us star Justin Hartley bent down to fix the flowing dress of his wife, Chrishell Stause, while posing for pictures at the Golden Globe Awards this past year. The two look like an absolutely picture-perfect couple in nearly every photo. Since that night, we have all been wondering if their marriage really is as perfect as it looks.

The couple was engaged in July 2016, after three years of happily dating. They tied the knot on October 28, 2017, and have posted pictures on social media, often, of their happy marriage.

Justin Hartley fixes the dress of his wife, Chrishell Stause.
Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause | Steve Granitz/WireImage

From pets to baseball, Hartley and Stause have numerous things in common

It is no wonder the couple hit it off so quickly; they have much more in common than just acting. Both Hartley and Stause love animals. In December, 2016, they adopted two dogs, Gracie and Mephis, from the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Stause was clearly very excited. She shared on social media, “We just adopted 2 older dogs that had to be adopted together with medical issues, neglected, matted & dirty. A Hollywood makeover awaits!” 

Hartley and Stause also both love sports. We know they both love the Dodgers, having seen pictures of them at a game together, both sporting fan gear. More recently, they were also spotted at a NY Knicks game together. 

Stause shared a photo of the two with the caption, “We had SUCH a blast last night! Thank you SO much @nyknicks! Congrats on your win!!” 

It sure sounds like they had a great time at the basketball game. We can tell that they share a love of both sports and dogs.

Stause explains that they listen, connect, and support each other to keep the romance alive

Based on social media alone, it truly looks like the couple has a great relationship. We know sometimes we only see the highlight reel, so we dug deeper to see if we could find any dirt. Stause recently confirmed what they do to work on their marriage in a recent interview with Haute Living.

When asked how she keeps the romance alive in her relationship, Stause told Haute Living, “Don’t ever get too busy to listen and connect because if you let yourself get stuck in that cycle, what are you actually working for anyway?” She also remarked, “Oh and lingerie -ha!” That certainly helps, too!

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Our first time back here since our honeymoon.

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In the same interview, Stause also explained to Haute Living how supportive Hartley has been of her decision to sign on to reality TV show, Selling Sunset, which is on Netflix. 

“He loves that I am so driven and he supports me in letting me know that I only have to be there if it makes me happy. If it is a great positive experience he is always so happy for me. And if I ever decided it was all too much, he would bring the getaway car!”

Well, it looks like there isn’t really any dirt here to find. It sounds like Hartley truly is there for Stause, no matter what she decides to do. These two truly have a great marriage full of romance, connection and support.

Stause and her step-daughter, Isabella Hartley have a great relationship

It must be tough helping to raise a teenage step-daughter, but even in that department, Stause shines. Hartley indicated in an interview with Larry King that Isabella and Stause are best friends, which means that he has been reduced to “second best friend.”

During the couple’s wedding, Stause stopped her walk down the aisle to hug Isabella, who was both their flower girl and ring bearer. 

Stause told Haute Living that she thinks “the main thing is to be consistent. If a child has divorced parents, the best thing you can do is help add stability to their lives.”

Overall, she has a solid relationship with Isabella and she just wants to be there to keep it as stable of an environment as possible.

Things aren’t always as picture-perfect as they seem; however, in the case of Hartley and Stause’s relationship, they are as close as they can get.