Is Kanye West a Good Dad?

Kanye West is thought to be one of the most influential hip-hop stars of our time. He has three children with his wife, Kim Kardashian West, and they will soon be welcoming a fourth child into their lives very soon. It does seem like he wants to have a big family, but with such a hectic and demanding work schedule, it is hard to imagine that he would have much time to spend with his kids. Kanye has been at the forefront of a long list of controversies over the years, but are his parenting skills something that should be added to that list? Here is what we know about Kanye and his kids.

He brings his kids to work

Kanye may be busy making new albums and collaborating with the best singers that the hip-hop genre has to offer, but that doesn’t mean that he lets his work get in the way of spending time with his children. In fact, his daughter, North, has been visiting her dad in the studio since she was just a baby. She was even in attendance for her dad’s fashion show when she was just a toddler. Many people thought that the fussy toddler was perhaps too young to be at a fashion show, but it just shows how much he has always tried to make time for both his children and his career.

He is a hands-on dad

Kanye West
Kanye West | Kanye West via YouTube

According to MTV, when North was just a baby, Kim Kardashian West went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show gushing about the Grammy winner’s impressive parenting skills. “He is honestly the most amazing dad; he loves her so much. He really is a hands-on dad.” Kim then went on to talk about how he may not change diapers that much, but that fact didn’t seem to bother her or take away from the reality that he truly enjoys being a father.

When the family of five are in public together, he does seem like a very doting father. He is almost always holding one of the children’s hands or picking them up and carrying them around on his shoulders. He also seems to have a proactive approach in his kids’ education. There have been several occasions when Kanye has been spotted taking his children to museums to help ensure that they are learning about important subjects like art, culture, and history.

His kids help to keep him grounded

While the pressure of constantly being in the public’s eye may be hectic and overwhelming at times, Kanye seems to be able to completely unwind and forget about his troubles when he is with his children.

In an article written about his parenting skills, People had stated that “The rapper is able to put any outside stress aside when he’s with his children and focus on being present in the moment.” When you see pictures of him with his children or hear interviews that he gives about being a dad, you can tell that the statement is definitely true. He starts to smile and seems like he is instantly put into a good mood whenever somebody even mentions one of his children’s names.

Is Kanye a good dad?

Kanye West has done and said many things in his lifetime that some people may not have agreed with. However, whether you love him or hate him, it is hard to deny that this revolutionary singer loves his children with all of his heart and is willing to go out of his way to make sure that they are happy, healthy, and well taken care of. In our book, that doesn’t just make you a good dad, it makes you a great one.