Is Kate Middleton a Hands-On Mother?

Being a parent is no easy task. Suddenly, a person is responsible for one or more children, having to take care of their every need, and constantly worrying about their well-being. For the royal family, it is even harder considering as to how they are faced with the challenge of raising their children in the public eye.

As we know, members of the public and the news media don’t hesitate to voice their opinions. They jump to conclusions based on things like a poorly timed photograph, or a moment that is otherwise misjudged. At times, it seems that no matter what royal parents choose to do, they just can’t get a word of praise from anyone! 

Royal mom Kate Middleton is a mother to three adorable children: Prince George, who is also a future king, Princess Charlotte, and her youngest, little Prince Louis. Although Kate is extremely busy with her royal duties, she has made it clear that family is the most important thing in her life. Many people imagine the royals as having nannies who do all of the hard parts of parenting for them. We have seen Kate in public with her children many times. So, is she actually a hands-on mother?

Kate Middleton
Duchess of Cambridge | Bart Lenoir/NurPhoto

The beginning of the Cambridge family

Prince William and Kate Middleton began their journey on April 29, 2011, when they married at Westminster Abbey in London. Before long, they were emerging on the front steps of the hospital, holding their newborn son, Prince George, born on July 22, 2013.

Pretty soon, there was speculation that Kate was expecting yet again, and on May 2, 2015, Princess Charlotte arrived into the world. Finally, the couple welcomed their third child, Prince Louis on April 23, 2018. Things just couldn’t get any cuter for the Cambridge family.

A mom to three children

To say that Kate has her hands full is an understatement. As any parent will say, having one child is hard enough, but three small kids can take it to a whole new level. So, how does she handle things? According to Elle, Kate’s children simply adore her. Whenever she returns home from an event or an engagement, her kids are always ecstatic to see her.

She can often be seen taking George and Charlotte to school, waiting in the drop-off and pick-up lines like any other parent would. It is also said that Kate stresses the importance of togetherness, family time, and most importantly, hugs. Despite her jam-packed schedule, she is adamant about making time to spend with the kids as much as possible. While Kate and William do have a nanny to help out when there are times when their royal obligations just don’t allow them to be there, Kate does things herself whenever she can.

Hoping for a normal life

Raising children in the spotlight is extremely difficult, something that most parents couldn’t even imagine doing. However, calm and cool Kate doesn’t let it get to her at all. In fact, she does whatever is necessary to ensure that George, Charlotte, and Louis have as normal an upbringing as possible.

People can report that Kate wants her children to have an upbringing similar to the one that she herself had: quiet, with plenty of activity, and with a family who is loving and tight-knit. Kate definitely had a happy family life, and she is making sure that her children have the same. Although she is married to the heir of the British throne, Kate remains close to her family, including her parents, brother, and younger sister Pippa.

So, is Kate a hands-on mom? We have to say that all signs point to yes.