Is Kate Middleton Being Compared to Princess Diana Because of Prince William’s Alleged Affair?

Just when we thought the rumors about Prince William allegedly having an affair were going to go away for good, those headlines have started back up again. And now some royal fans are comparing Kate Middleton’s situation to Princess Diana’s even though there is no proof whatsoever that the Duke of Cambridge really did cheat on his wife with Rose Hanbury.

Here’s why some claim they’re worried about the Duchess of Cambridge and what comparisons they have drawn between her and the late princess.

(L) Kate Middleton (R) Princess Diana
(L): Kate Middleton | Tim Graham/Getty Images and (R): Princess Diana | Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images

The palace refused to comment on the rumors

In March, the rumors about Prince William allegedly being unfaithful to Middleton came out of nowhere after a tabloid reported that the duchess and Hanbury had a falling out. Soon after, social media blew up with theories about why they stopped talking and claims that the duke had an affair.

Not surprisingly, the palace did not comment on the rumors but William’s lawyers threatened legal action against the British publications reporting on the “false speculation.”

It’s very rare that the royal family ever comments on what’s being reported about their personal lives. For years, their silence is what spoke volumes and was often viewed as them not wasting their time commenting on nonsense. But in recent years, they have been more open to taking the legal route.

Rose Hanbury, Prince William, and Kate Middleton
Rose Hanbury, Prince William, and Kate Middleton | Stephen Pond/Getty Images

“While traditionally, the British royal family would not take specific legal action –the old saying was ‘never complain and never explain’–William and Harry are willing to do it in their own way,” former royal editor of The Sun Duncan Larcombe told The Daily Beast.

Why fans are worried about Middleton

Still, this gossip has taken on a life of its own and royal fans have weighed in comparing Middleton to Princess Diana because William’s father, Prince Charles, was not faithful to her.

The International Business Times noted that people on forums are saying they are concerned about Middleton’s health and welfare. However, they are ignoring the fact that Middleton and William have been seen in public numerous times since these rumors came out and there doesn’t look to be any tension between them, which was something Charles and Diana could never hide.

Are the comparisons fair?

(L): Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding (R): Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding
(L): Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding | Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images (R): Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Another thing those fans are forgetting is that there is no proof that these rumors have any truth to them at all. Therefore, it’s unfair to even suggest that Middleton could end up like Princess Diana over something no one can prove, which is why plenty of fans came to their defense as well.

“The only thing that is common knowledge is that too many people read too many gossip rags that do not tell anything remotely like the truth,” said former fundraiser, Laura Warwick Martin. “Sadly, these gullible people then believe these lies and come to sites … to try to spread these lies.”

Retired workshop owner Marilyn Robinson agreed adding, “Do you have proof? That would seem odd as nobody else seems to be able to prove anything about Prince William acting as his father did with Princess Diana. Odd though how nasty innuendos get to be okay.”

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