Is Kate Middleton Genuinely Happy for Meghan Markle and Her New Baby?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently welcomed their first child. Their son, Archie Harrison, was born on May 6 and introduced to the world on May 8. Despite the excitement surrounding the couple’s new baby, Meghan has been at the center of a lot of controversy since she married into the royal family. And one of those controversies has been her reported feud with Kate Middleton. Is Kate genuinely happy for Meghan and the new baby, or is she just saving face?

Kate Middleton Meghan Markle
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/WireImage

After Meghan married Harry, there were rumors she and Kate didn’t get along

As soon as Meghan and Harry announced their relationship, the negative media attention toward Meghan started. Meghan is American, divorced, and biracial, all of which made her a bit different than other members of the royal family. People were quick to post cruel messages about Meghan on social media, and the comments have never stopped. The press also shed Meghan in a negative light, only fueling the dislike toward her. Harry reportedly hated that he couldn’t protect his girlfriend (now his wife) from the chaos, but Meghan has always held her head highly despite the criticism.

It didn’t take long after Meghan joined the family for rumors of a feud to start. According to reports, Kate cried at a dress fitting for Princess Charlotte for Meghan’s wedding, and things spiraled after that. According to the press, two women didn’t get along at all for a while.

There were rumors the two women had an agreement to get along in public

When the two women appeared alongside their husbands at Christmas mass in 2018, they seemed to get along fine. But there may have been more to the story; the press then reported that the two women actually had an agreement to get along in public so as not to let anyone notice there was a feud. However, it’s unclear which “royal source” gave this information and whether the information was actually true. Either way, the women were smiling and laughing together, and things seemed fine among the whole group.  

Kate said ‘I wish them the best’ and does seem happy for Harry and Meghan

When Meghan and Harry welcomed their son, Kate said that it was such an exciting time for Meghan to have a baby. Charlotte had just celebrated her birthday, and the warmer months are around the corner, making it a great time to welcome a little one. Kate said, “I wish them the best,” after Will joked the couple wouldn’t get much sleep with a newborn. Both Kate and Will did seem genuinely happy for Meghan and Harry, and it’s possible that this new baby will bring the four of them even closer. Charlotte, George, and Louis will have a new cousin to play with, too.

The feud rumors between the women have never been confirmed

Although there were harsh rumors about the two women after Meghan joined the family, nothing was ever proven. None of the sources who provided the information were ever named, leaving some to speculate that the feud between the two was entirely started by the press. When the women got along in public, there were more rumors that they had made an agreement to do so rather than just accepting the women actually get along. Hopefully Meghan and Kate will bond over their children and it will help improve their relationship.

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