Is Kate Middleton Pregnant? Don’t Rely on Her Body Language for Clues

Kate Middleton and Prince William currently have three children, but many royal fans are anxiously waiting to see if the couple will add another baby to their family. Pregnancy rumors are often everywhere for Duchess Kate, but these days, they seem to be gaining even more traction than usual due to her body language. However, the truth is that reading into Middleton’s body language is a bit more complicated than people like to believe. In fact, they might not actually be the best place to look for pregnancy clues.

Why do fans believe that Kate Middleton could be pregnant?

Kate Middleton attends the ''Back to Nature'' Festival.
Kate Middleton | Bart Lenoir/NurPhoto via Getty Images

While the Duchess of Cambridge still looks slim as usual, fans believe that she could be in the early stage of her pregnancy. Middleton recently sported a new hairdo when she took Princess Charlotte and Prince George to school, and according to some people, this could be a huge sign.

“Every time the Duchess of Cambridge changes her look, she announces that she is pregnant within a few days,” royal expert Aranzazu Santos López said. Santos López was referring to when Middleton got bangs during her pregnancy with Prince George in 2013 and when she cut her hair shorter during her pregnancy with Prince Louis in 2017.

However, the biggest reason why a lot of fans believe that Middleton could be pregnant is her body language. Back in June, the duchess attended royal ascot and the pregnancy rumors went into full swing. She was spotted with her hand on her stomach often, which made people believe that she was cradling her baby bump — something many pregnant women instinctively do without even noticing.

Is Kate Middleton’s body language really be giving away hints of a pregnancy?

It’s clear that fans would love for Duchess Kate to have another baby. However, body language expert Judi James does not believe that one should read into her body language for clues.

“Kate’s signature hand clasp or clutch bag carrying poses do often include this kind of a gesture so this wouldn’t be unusual for her,” James told before adding: “What is interesting is that when she chatted with [Princess] Eugenie at Ascot both women seemed to be producing and mirroring this pose, which might hint at a new pregnancy in the royal family although possibly not for Kate.”

Do Kate Middleton and Prince William actually want more children?

There’s not a clear cut answer to this question as the couple has never revealed whether they do want children or not.

There have been reports that Middleton caught baby fever when meeting Meghan Markle’s son. Meanwhile, a source close to Prince William told reporters that the prince would like to have four children.

“Prince William reportedly wants to follow Queen Elizabeth II’s footsteps by having four children,” the insider said. “He would love to emulate his grandmother and have four children, and he would be very happy if it was another girl.”

On the other hand, though, some fans believe that they might not have a fourth baby due to how tough pregnancies and parenthood have been for them.

The Duchess of Cambridge suffers from a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum during all three of her previous pregnancies. This is when a pregnant woman gets “extreme morning sickness” characterized by a lot of nausea, vomiting, dehydration, and malnutrition. It’s important to note that Middleton is currently 37 years old and is considered a geriatric mother, which means that she is also at a higher risk for miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities.

Prince William has also been open about how it’s not easy being a parent. “Once the lack of sleep starts setting in, the stress levels go up,” he once shared. It’s clear that the Cambridges have their hands already full with three young children, so whether they think adding a fourth baby to the mix is worth it remains to be seen.