Is Kate Middleton Pregnant? Why Royal Experts Claim Announcement Is Coming ‘Fairly Soon’

Kate Middleton has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. When Prince William eventually ascends the throne of England, she will rule at his side, helping him handle the burden of leadership and making almost-constant official appearances.

Duchess Kate also has another major responsibility — three of them, in fact. She is a mother to three young children and has received a lot of praise from media and fans for the down-to-earth way that she parents her youngsters.

Still, some reports claim the Duchess of Cambridge could soon be announcing yet another royal baby. Keep reading to learn about Middleton’s previous pregnancies, her three children, and whether or not she could already be pregnant.

Kate Middleton suffered difficult pregnancies

Kate Middleton joins families and children who are supported by the charity Family Action at Peterley Manor Farm.
Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Duchess Kate and Prince William got married in April 2011 and didn’t wait too long to start their family. Their oldest child, Prince George, was born in July 2013, and their daughter, Princess Charlotte, was born in May 2015. Their youngest child, Prince Louis, was born in April 2018.

While Middleton and Prince William were both clearly thrilled to be expanding their family, Middleton had notoriously difficult pregnancies. While lots of women suffer pregnancy complications, from morning sickness to bloating and high blood pressure, Middleton had a very extreme form of morning sickness with all three of her pregnancies.

Hyperemesis gravidarum is categorized as a “dangerous” morning sickness that is accompanied by severe nausea and vomiting. Babies born to mothers who suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum can sometimes be born smaller than average since the mother frequently struggles to maintain a proper diet during pregnancy.

Duchess Kate was forced to go to the hospital for care and monitoring several times with each pregnancy. Fortunately, all of her children have been healthy.

There’s no doubt that Middleton wouldn’t be looking forward to dealing with such an uncomfortable condition again, should she become pregnant with her fourth child.

Experts say that Kate Middleton is a great mother

It certainly can’t be easy to raise children in the spotlight. Still, sources close to the royal family claim Middleton is a great mother, with a “natural instinct.”

Duchess Kate seems devoted to raising her children as normally as possible and believes in letting them be children, without a lot of rules and restrictions. Duchess Kate and Prince William are often seen kneeling down to talk to their children at eye level, giving them lots of hugs and affection.

This is in contrast to how many royals traditionally raised their children. Therefore, many royal fans believe that the couple could very well be ready to welcome a fourth child.

Some sources even say that Middleton is definitely ready to have another baby. And, reportedly, Prince William “supports” the idea. 

Is Kate Middleton pregnant?

According to a recent report, Duchess Kate could be pregnant now or “fairly soon” based on the timing of her previous pregnancies. After all, there are exactly two years between Prince George and Prince Charlotte and three years between Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis.

If she is pregnant now, the royals could expect to welcome a brand-new royal baby in the spring. Certainly, a new baby would be welcome happy news for the beleaguered royals, who are still dealing with backlash from Prince Andrew’s notorious friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Still, there is no official word from the palace on the rumored pregnancy, so everything remains speculative at this point. There is one tell-tale sign that royal fans will be looking for: If Middleton ends up in the hospital anytime soon, that could mean that her hyperemesis gravidarum is back in full force and that she is, in fact, pregnant. Until then, fans and the media alike will continue to speculate and wonder when the happy news might be.