Is Katy Perry Putting Her Career on Hold to Start a Family?

Now that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have made their engagement official, fans of the talented pair are wondering if Perry will put her career on hold to start a family. We’ve been wondering, too. Here’s what we found out:

A source close to the couple told People magazine that the on-again, off-again lovebirds are in it for real this time and plan to start cranking out babies as soon as they can. The source elucidated, saying that the couple ‘want to get married and start a family sooner rather than later.’ Another reliable source added, ‘they both want kids together and will prioritize this.’

OK magazine reports Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom did not rush into the engagement

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry
Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry | Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/ Getty Images

“They’ve been talking about getting engaged for a while. After reconciling, Katy has felt very secure with Orlando and they both knew it was different this time. They made their relationship a priority and both of them literally flew all around the world to keep their relationship strong.”

If and when Perry and Bloom become parents together, it will have been a long time coming. If nothing else, their handsome DNA genes pretty much promise that the pair are bound to produce beautiful looking babies.

Will Katy Perry pause her career to be a mom?

When they finally do have kids, it will be a first for Perry. Bloom has an 8-year-old son named Flynn who was born during his marriage to Miranda Kerr. Perry was formerly wed to Russell Brand, but the couple did not have any kids together.

If Perry does put her career on hold, it won’t come as a big surprise. Earlier this month, Perry told Paper magazine that she was thinking about putting her music career on hiatus to attend classes. Although she had no specific school in mind at the time of the interview, the 36-year-old expressed interest in attending Oxford or another school that caters to ‘mature students.’

Tours, she explained, can take as long as two years and are very tiring. When asked which classes she might take, Perry listed astronomy, Egyptology, anthropology, and comparative religions as the subject that spark her curiosity and lifelong sense of questioning.

“I like the history of things. I like storytelling. I like philosophical studies and mystical studies. I love knowing about sacred geometry and stuff like that.”

Nice, but will Perry take time off to raise kids?

If Perry is going to have kids, she will probably want to do so soon. After all, the starlet and American Idol judge is in her late 30s and easing out of her prime childbearing years. A source close to the couple told People that Perry is indeed slowing down her songstress career this year. Of course, many women are able to bear babies well through their 30s, and we wish Perry and Orlando all the best.

Potential grandparents knew Bloom would propose before she did

Before he proposed marriage to Perry, Bloom went the old fashioned route through her parents. According to People magazine, the 42-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star asked her mom and dad before popping the question on Valentine’s Day.

“Orlando had planned this for a while. He wanted it all to be special. Katy’s family knew he was proposing. He talked to her parents about it before.”

Katy and Orlando split up once before, after he was caught on video embracing the daughter of the CEO of a charity event he was attending in 2017 while Perry was entertaining crowds in England. Their reconciliation was not guaranteed, but now that’s it’s happened and they have announced plans to marry, we wish Perry and Bloom continued success in love.