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We are just a couple of episodes into Season 14 of The Real Housewives of Orange County and the gloves have already come off. Kelly Dodd’s epic interaction with Vicki Gunvalson at Tamra Judge’s housewarming party was worthwhile entertainment, but the Twitter feud that followed was even more noteworthy. Now, rumors are swirling that Judge is gunning for Dodd, hoping to have her axed from the show entirely.

What prompted Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge’s epic Twitter battle?

Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge’s feud can be traced back to the bad blood between Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson. The battle between Gunvalson and Dodd kicked off when Gunvalson accused Dodd of using cocaine during the reunion special back in November 2018. Dodd was so offended by the accusations that she spoke to People about it. She stated; “Now it’s out there in the universe. You don’t think people are going to be like, ‘Maybe she does do it?’ ” Dodd adds. “This is my life. This is my name. It’s like character assassination. It’s really hurt me.”

Dodd noted that Gunvalson has long made accusations about her. She also stated that Judge and Shannon Beador often jump on the bandwagon. The real feud between Dodd and Judge kicked off on Twitter, with the pair exchanging heated words in a massive Twitter war. Dodd spoke candidly about Judge’s new home, while Judge clapped back suggesting Dodd doesn’t even own a home.

The drama stretches back much further though. Back in April, Judge was caught on camera suggesting that Dodd abuses her mother, according to Radar Online. Both Dodd and her mother vehemently denied the allegation.

Is Tamra Judge trying to get Kelly Dodd fired?

Radar Online has alleged that Judge is now gunning for Dodd’s job. Sources claim that Judge is nervous she’ll be booted from the show’s cast if Dodd has her way and is trying to make a preemptive move. Dodd’s falling out with Gunvalson is believed to be the reason that Gunvalson was demoted from a housewife to a friend.

Gunvalson, at the time of her demotion, was the only original housewife left on the show. Dodd was added to the show in Season 11 but quickly became a fan favorite. Judge has been a main cast member since Season 3. While she clearly has seniority over Dodd, it looks like Dodd might be pulling the strings, and Judge seems threatened by that.

Did Kelly Dodd get Vicki Gunvalson demoted?

Rumors have swirled that Dodd was the reason behind Gunvalson’s demotion. Sure, the pairs drama was one of the main storylines in previous seasons, but that alone wouldn’t have gotten Gunvalson booted from the lineup. In fact, the tension between the duo made her inclusion interesting.

Reality Blurb, alleging to have spoken to an insider, claims that Gunvalson was demoted simply because the network wants to skew a bit younger. Gunvalson, who has been a series regular since the series’ inaugural season, naturally no longer fits into the demographic that Bravo is eying. Her long-standing status as a housewife may have done her in, as well. Old faces need to go, and new faces need to be added to garner the attention of a fresh audience, and by proxy, fresh advertisers.