Is Kenya Moore Returning For The New Season Of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’?

After taking a break away from the spotlight, Kenya Moore is ready to come back to her Real Housewives of Atlanta family.

The reality star appeared on the hit Bravo show for six seasons before stepping away in order to raise her newborn daughter.

Kenya Moore
Kenya Moore | imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Though many thought she wouldn’t return for future seasons, Moore recently revealed that she is in the talks of making her comeback to Season 12 of RHOA.

Kenya has been talking to producers about the possibility of her return

The last time fans saw Kenya Moore was during The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 finale that aired back in April 2018.

Six months later, the reality star announced that she would be leaving the hit Bravo show in order to focus on her pregnancy.

“I have decided to take this season off to focus on my high-risk pregnancy in a healthy and drama free environment,” Moore’s statement on Bravo’s The Daily Dish read. “I thank Bravo for this amazing platform that has allowed me to grow, flourish and appreciate the value of what is truly important in life.”

Though she was sad to leave her television family, Kenya knew that once her baby was born, most of her time would be catered to her daughter.

“It broke my heart, but with all the stress I went through with this baby, I don’t know how I could have done it,” Kenya shared with PEOPLE. “Even now, breastfeeding every three hours, changing diapers, being up at all hours — I just don’t think I could have been present.”

Now that her daughter, Brooklyn Doris, is six-months-old, Kenya Moore is ready to return to The Real Housewives and has been discussing her return with the show’s producers.

During May 10’s episode of The Real, Moore shared that there is a great possibility she will be returning to RHOA for the upcoming season.

Though she was a little hesitant at first, the reality star eventually confirmed the news.

“I would say there’s some truth to that,” Kenya admitted. “Conversations… yes, conversations.”

She negotiated her contract

Though many of us are happy Kenya Moore is returning to RHOA, her journey to negotiate a contract she was happy with was a challenge.

Following Season 10 of the hit reality show, it was revealed that Moore and network executives were part of a lengthy contract negotiation.

It has been reported that both production and Moore agreed that she’d return as a full-time Housewives, but Kenya wanted more than what they were offering.

The production team also wanted Moore to film all parts of her life, including personal time spent with her husband, which the reality star has repeatedly said was off limits.

A source close to Kenya Moore revealed that she refused to negotiate and “wasn’t interested in bending to producers’ “insulting” offers.”

It has not been confirmed if Bravo has now agreed to Kenya Moore’s demands, but we are pretty sure she and producers were able to work out a contract that works for both of them.