Is Kevin Feige’s MCU Multiverse All Tom Holland’s Fault?

Using the idea of alternative universes (or the multiverse in Marvel lore) might sound like a cop-out on being able to bring back characters or split characters like Spider-Man into two entities. If that sounds like creative laziness, it simply opens doors to more creativity in the MCU.

It may also be necessary on a monetary front if you include Tom Holland possibly doing new Spider-Man films for Marvel and Sony after the recent mend between the companies. Some fans might suggest the reason for the Marvel multiverse becoming a new thing is because of Holland and his mediating between two movie studios.

Is it really the result of him, or were there other plans in mind before it all happened? If you go by Kevin Feige‘s recent comments, it may have been planned all along.

Going forward, all future MCU product will entail the use of the multiverse

After years of speculation, Feige recently confirmed the upcoming Phase Four films and Disney+ Marvel shows will all connect and utilize elements of the multiverse to open new creative possibilities. He said it was a logical evolution for the MCU based on many sci-fi elements Feige wanted to bring to the Marvel universe.

Since Feige noted himself as a space movie fan, it was apparently his dream all along to add sci-fi elements to the MCU like time-travel and other space elements as seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. For him, the multiverse is the next step after successfully bringing some very complex time-travel elements in Endgame.

Whether this was really the intention from the beginning is impossible to know. Going by Feige, it’s probably true it was his idea. Not that business decisions sometimes can’t force certain creative directions to be made for the sake of maintaining box office returns.

Over on Reddit, the theories about this are wildly speculative, as always. Those comments are still worth looking at and expanding on in the case of Tom Holland factoring into a lot of new directions at Marvel.

Tom Holland’s bravery might have changed things

Tom Holland carpenter
Tom Holland | CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

The recent news that Holland called Disney CEO Bob Iger while the former was drunk in a bar is a surefire sign of how brave the young British actor is. Most actors brazenly calling up a corporate CEO drunk and lamenting the split between two studios would get them into more than a little trouble.

Holland was already respected by Iger and has maintained a loyal audience. Despite Iger saying he couldn’t tell Holland was tipsy, the passion was reportedly real in wanting to amend the split. Holland even admitted to weeping during the phone call.

Without Holland’s step forward, however, Iger might not have made the call to Sony to start the reconciliation process. No matter if negotiations were already underway anyway, Iger quickened the repair thanks to Holland’s prodding.

As a result, Holland might have set everything in motion to play two different Spider-Men, first in finishing up the MCU trilogy, then another at Sony later.

Perhaps there’s a secret deal for Tom Holland to play a multiverse Spider-Man

Let’s assume there could have been some other details in the Sony-Disney deal that didn’t get out to the media. Maybe one of those is a provision of Holland doing a Spider-Man film at Sony down the road after finishing up Spider-Man 3 for Marvel, then one appearance in an MCU movie.

If such a thing happens, it could mean a reinvention of Spidey into someone different from how everyone’s seen him. Fans on Reddit don’t seem to mind this since it brings a lot of other potential enemies into the mix, not including possibly changing the trajectory of Peter Parker himself.

With shows like Disney+’s upcoming What If…? already exploring the alternative timeline concept with all other Avengers, Spider-Man shouldn’t be left out of the mix. Imagining Peter Parker as a rogue or even older is something more than intriguing and worthy of Tom Holland’s underrated acting skills.