Is Kim Kardashian Bothered by Kanye West’s Strict Rules?

Kanye West has been ‘out there’ for a long time. Yes, he’s eccentric. For a while now, most fans have written off his odd behavior as a side effect of his artistic nature. He’s creative, and maybe there’s some leeway for creative people to be a little strange.

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to her husband’s odd ways, including his strict rules. She’s been subjected to his strict fashion guidelines for most of their relationship. When Kardashian and West first started dating, he made her overhaul her entire closet. He threw out more than 200 pairs of shoes. She was devastated, but ultimately grateful. Kardashian loves her new style, and she’s now become much more of a fashion icon thanks to West’s influence.

As his rules and behavior continue to spiral out of control, fans are starting to wonder what Kardashian is really thinking about this.

Kanye West has new fashion rules

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West onstage
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West | Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for WSJ. Magazine Innovators Awards

On a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, cameras caught West fighting with Kardashian about her Met Gala dress. The skin-tight corseted number caused quite the splash at the gala last May. It turns out West was against the outfit. He thought it was too sexy.

Kardashian was naturally upset. It was very short notice — less than a day until the gala. Plus, she had already changed her style for her husband. She told him that he made her style into what it is, and now he’s changed his mind.

That’s not fair to Kardashian. She’s already changed once for the sake of her husband, and now it seems he expects her to change again, based on his wishes.

While this controlling behavior alarmed fans, it hasn’t bothered Kim, as far as we know. Sure, she fought with West before the gala, but she’s since admitted she agrees with him. She’s planning on toning down her sexy look to please her husband.

Part of the reason West has decided that his wife needs to be more conservative is that he has found religion. More specifically, he’s established his own.

Is Sunday Service a cult?

West’s new Sunday religious service, which he calls Sunday Service, is extremely secretive. There are rumors that attendants need to sign NDAs. Only the most elite are invited. Brad Pitt is a regular attendee, and he seems to like it.

From the little we’ve seen of the service, it’s mostly gospel music. Still, fans and experts alike are concerned that his new venture is in fact a cult.

Although Sunday Service seems innocuous enough, combined with some of West’s other behavior, the trend is actually a little disturbing.

Kanye West thrives off controversy

It’s been obvious for a long time that Kanye West loves to do the opposite of what’s expected of him. Some fans are starting to think he’s taking things too far. Others wonder if he is suffering from a serious mental illness.

Aside from concerns that Sunday Service is a cult, West has been heard saying things that concern some fans, including that he wants to abolish prisons, and can read minds.

Kardashian is quite calm in the face of all of this and fans think she may be doing more harm than good. Fans on Reddit speculate that West may be suffering from bipolar disorder or another mental illness. Instead of seeking help, Kim seems to be enabling his delusions.

West has said controversial things for controversy’s sake before. That could be what is going on now. One thing is certain, Kardashian doesn’t seem phased by his behavior at all.

She is in law school and raising four children with her husband. While some fans speculate she’s too busy to deal with West’s behavior, others think she’s just trying to be a supportive spouse.