Is Kim Kardashian Happy In Her Marriage With Kanye West?

Kanye West is definitely no stranger to controversy. Throughout the years, he has been at the center of many controversial topics, but he doesn’t ever seem to let the criticism get to him or stop him from continuing to speak his mind.

Throughout all of his controversial antics, his wife, Kim Kardashian West, has continued to stand by her man. However, he has recently started taking his crazy antics up a notch.

Now that West’s behavior is starting to get a little more bizarre than usual, will Kardashian continue to support him or is she finally ready to throw in the towel. Keep reading to find out why many fans are starting to speculate that Kim is unhappy in her marriage.

How long have Kim Kardashian and Kanye West been together?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West attend the Versace fall 2019 fashion show.
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West and Kardashian first met in 2003. The two had remained friends for many years. But West has said before that the first time that he had ever laid eyes on Kardashian, he knew he wanted to be with her.

In 2010, West and Kardashian were both dating other people. West was with Amber Rose and Kardashian was dating her now-ex-husband, Kris Humphries. That same year, West’s feeling for Kardashian grew stronger and he broke up with Rose.

Kardashian, on the other hand, married Humphries shortly after West announced his breakup. Her marriage to Humphries only lasted for 72 days. Before the divorce was finalized, she West started dating.

And only a little over a year later, West and Kardashian had welcomed their first child and were getting married.

Kim Kardashian started to change after got with Kanye West

Not long after West and Kardashian made their relationship public, fans started to notice that Kardashian’s style started to change a bit. 

Because West is a fashion designer, he and his stylist decided to raid Kardashian’s closet and throw out anything that they didn’t like. West and his stylist had thrown out several pairs of Kardashian’s shoes and she had later admitted on The Kelly and Michael Show that she had cried about having to give up her shoes.

She had also said that he is very opinionated when it comes to every outfit that she wears and he has made her change clothes right before they walked out the door to go out for the evening. He has always had a strong opinion about her outfits, however, now that he is a born-again Christian, his sense of style has become much more modest and conservative.

West’s new modest dress-code caused Kardashian a lot of anxiety during their last appearance at the Met Gala when West had told Kardashian that she couldn’t wear the dress she had made for the event because it was too sexy

Kardashian ended up wearing the dress to the even in the end, she just made a few adjustments — like removing the fake nipples from the dress — in order to make her husband happy.

Is Kim Kardashian happy in her marriage to Kanye West?

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A source close to Kardashian had recently told Radar Online that Kardashian is no longer as happy as she once was in her marriage.  Because West has bipolar disorder, he frequently goes through stages where he experiences extreme emotional highs and lows. 

The source has said that his manic episodes are becoming more and more frequent and Kardashian is having a hard time coping with it. “She is stressed dealing with his mood swings and manic episodes,” the source had said.

The source also revealed that Kardashian has secretly hired a team of mental health professionals to travel with him and keep an eye on him while he is away from her. According to the source, West has no idea that he essentially has a bunch of psychiatrists babysitting him all day and is he ever found out, he would probably be pretty furious.

While Kardashian has yet to confirm if any of this is true, so far, the couple seems to be pretty happy when they are seen in public together. And if what the source is claiming is true, it seems like Kardashian may be pretty stressed out by her husband, but she still definitely cares about him and is willing to go to great lengths to ensure that he is alright.