Is Kim Kardashian the Best Thing to Happen to Lawyers in Years?

Kim Kardashian is changing up the game once again, but it isn’t fashion or entertainment that she’s tackling this time. Its preparation for the Bar exam!

Kardashian recently announced that she’s studying to become a lawyer and fans are shook (while haters are pissed)! Their favorite reality star taking her humanitarian efforts to their next level is fantastic news! But it isn’t just great for the Kardashians and their fans. It’s excellent news for the law field in general.

Kardashian introduced millions to an alternative to law school

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian | Jordin Althaus/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank

Kardashian deciding to potentially leave her cushy celebrity life behind to tackle law is inspiring. But what’s more inspiring is the way she’s going about it.

The beauty mogul never finished college and she certainly didn’t get a law degree, but that isn’t enough to keep her from pursuing her dreams. Thankfully in California, individuals don’t need a degree to become a lawyer. 

With the “reading the law” rule you only have to pass the bar exam either through your own studies or by apprenticing under a law firm or judge. In Kardashian’s case, she’s opting with an apprenticeship under two intelligent female lawyers. 

Kardashian is changing our idea of what a lawyer ‘can’ be

What comes to mind when you think of lawyers? Yes, there are tons of female lawyers out there: Kim K is mentoring under two of them.

But the iconic mental picture is definitely stuffy boring men. Kardashian may not be the first celebrity to pursue life as a lawyer, but her change of heart is definitely the most intriguing.

Here are a few celebrities who went from the red carpet life to shuffling papers in the courtroom. The Goonies actor Jeff Cohen decided to study law at UCLA once his acting career came to a halt.

Actor Charlie Korsmo dropped off the acting planet for a decade. During that time he studied physics and attended law school.

Who else? Josh Saviano from The Wonder Years studied poli-sci at Yale before attending the Cardozo School of Law.

Last on the list is Sheila Kuehl, an actress who appeared in several sitcoms before abandoning her acting career to tackle law school at Harvard. All four former actors have found success on their new paths so there’s no reason why Kardashian couldn’t have the same experience.

But while they are all actors, Kardashian is a league all her own. She is one of the biggest pop icons of this generation. Not only that but the way her career kicked off paired with her reality TV background makes her story even more controversial and inspiring.

She will be a big inspiration in the law field 

Even if there are plenty of people who don’t believe Kardashian would make a difference, her mentor thinks otherwise. After helping free Alice Marie Johnson from prison, Kardashian began working with CNN commentator Van Jones and lawyer Jessica Jackson. 

These two individuals are the co-founders of the bipartisan advocacy group #cut50, a group that focuses on cutting incarceration and crime across the U.S.

Working side by side with Kardashian and seeing her passion is probably what led Jackson to become one of her mentors. In an interview with Elle, Jackson shared her thoughts on the reality stars’ decision. 

“I think she’s going to be an inspiration to a lot of people who maybe didn’t realize there were alternate paths to becoming a lawyer.[People who] didn’t realize what you can do with a law degree, and how empowering it is to be able to stand with people and help them fight for freedom.” – Jessica Jackson (Elle)

As far as Jackson is concerned, Kardashian is extremely passionate and beyond serious about studying law. Going from being a top-notch pop icon to a hardworking student of law is a huge change.

Not only will she inspire others to pursue their dreams; she will change the world’s perception of law reform and who can initiate change on a global scale.