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One drawback to having a face everyone recognizes is that people pick up on small changes immediately. That seems to be the case with Kim Kardashian recently. In new photos posted by the social media queen, she seems to look completely different than normal. Fans are even saying she copied Beyoncé’s face. How could this be? Let’s take a look at the details.

Fans are shocked by Kim Kardashian’s ‘new face’

Kardashian’s Instagram photos always draw tons of comments and attention, but something is different about her recent photos. Her followers have dubbed the phenomena “New Face” and one look at the pictures explains exactly what they mean. 

The first photo to draw “new face” attention was a ’90s-inspired photo of Kardashian wearing a black leather, belted crop top, and modeling her new matte collection of makeup. Fans instantly pointed out that there was something different about her nose. Some even said she looked exactly like the late ’90s singer, Aaliyah. Others said she looked like Toni Braxton. 

“Why does this not even look like her….” one fan commented.

“Did you borrow Khloe’s nose for this photo?” Another wrote. 

One person even compared her to an avatar. “Kim, who is this? This look like you if you had a character on GTA. This look like Kim got an IOS update. This look like kimitar” 

With the first photo, people mostly assumed it was the makeup. But when she posted another picture with her normal makeup, they were shocked to find that she still didn’t look like herself. At that point, fans started to seriously consider the idea that Kardashian had plastic surgery. 

Followers also noticed that new “new face” looked shockingly similar to Beyoncé. Previously in the conversation, they had thrown around other artists that Kardashian’s new look was similar to, but once someone mentioned Beyoncé, it was all anyone could talk about. Her “new face” is eerily close to the Queen Bee. “This is why Beyoncé doesn’t like you,” a fan wrote. 

The Kardashians thrive on attention to their looks

While you might assume Kardashian would be offended at the suggestion that she’d had cosmetic surgery, it’s something her and her sisters are very used to dealing with. There are constant stories in the media wondering if they’ve had surgery, and to some extent, these stories actually help them. 

Any attention is good attention in the celeb world. When fans become curious they tend to follow the stars’ social media, and that can mean big bucks for stars like Kardashian. 

It might be slightly annoying for her to have to deal with the accusations, but in reality, she’s benefiting from the attention. So much so, that we sometimes wonder if some of these scandals are manufactured to keep the public’s interest. 

Has Kim Kardashian had plastic surgery?

Although she’s never publicly admitted to going under the knife, many people assume Kardashian has had some kind of surgery after doing photo comparisons. When you look at photos of her from years ago and compare them with recent photos, it does seem like there are some changes to Kardashian’s face. She’s been accused of doing everything from implants, and a nose job, to getting a rib removed to fit into her 2019 Met Gala dress (which she denied). 

We can’t say for sure whether Kardashian has had any cosmetic procedures, but her family does have an amazing command of makeup skills. Some of the changes we see could be a result of contouring, or even photo filters- which we know Kardashian loves using. 

Her recent pictures do look startlingly different than before, but we’ll have to see if Kardashian comments on it to know for sure. Or, wait to see if future pictures return to her old look, which could indicate the changes were the result of makeup or filters.