Is Kourtney Kardashian Trying to Become the Next Gwyneth Paltrow?

Gwyneth Paltrow has become the butt of far too many jokes with her company Goop, but she frequently laughs all the way to the bank. The unexpected success of her health and lifestyle company no doubt had the Kardashians studying Paltrow’s business model up and down. Even if you think the Kardashians have a shallow lifestyle, they’re razor sharp when it comes to finding business opportunities.

Recently, Kourtney Kardashian launched her own lifestyle and beauty site called Poosh. The brand people wondering if it a sly nod to Gwyneth’s Goop, especially with the trendy one-word names. And, one has to wonder whether they’ll eventually team up or just become major business rivals.

How did Kourtney introduce Poosh?

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As usual, Kourtney used Instagram to introduce her new company. She did it with usual, on-brand, eye-opening panache. The first images were the new trend of splitting photos to combine into one large image. It combined into a stunning image of Kourtney sitting on a table mostly naked, holding a tea cup, plus a laptop with “Poosh” written on the cover.

Yes, it was a typical marketing move for a Kardashian to show some serious skin to market something of their own. One of the first hashtags used there was “PooshtheBoundaries,” the product of an obviously sharp marketing executive.

The name “Poosh” sounds like “Push” — yet it is reportedly her daughter Penelope’s nickname — which is arguably a better marketing name than Goop. Then again, Gwyneth Paltrow basically reinvented the word Goop so it didn’t have a negative connotation as it did before founding her company.

Instagram comments about Kourtney’s company were a tidal wave per usual, if also typical social media snark.

Is Poosh’s business model similar to Goop’s?

One interesting thing to note in the Instagram comments is someone pointed out Paltrow’s Goop initially promoted other beauty and lifestyle products until starting its own line. This is likely exactly what Kourtney’s Poosh is doing at the moment to make a name for themselves.

Of course, the point is to get the name out there and build a brand. All of the Kardashians understand how important branding is and name recognition. There isn’t any smarter approach to business, which continuously proves their success thanks to an already established fan base.

All that’s standing in the way now is whether those fans will think it’s just a Goop knockoff rather than distinguishing itself as its own business idea.

What’s the difference between Poosh and Goop?

Take a look at the Poosh website and you’ll see there are a couple of differences. Mainly, it’s in Kourtney being able to avoid the pseudo-medical claims Goop was so criticized for in the beginning. Poosh seems to stick with things proven to work, including more natural makeup products.

Also, Poosh is pushing the typical look of the Kardashians so women can look like them. Unfortunately, it means needing some big bucks to spend since it’s not intended as a site for the middle class.

While the Kardashians could probably make even more money if they catered to more affordable products, Poosh could technically get into trouble based on one overly similar thing: Their logo. A lot of media analysts have noted the similarity between the Poosh and Goop logos, particularly in the double O’s. This could lead to a lawsuit from Paltrow, even if it didn’t go anywhere simply because of the different names.

What would happen if the two companies merged someday?

The similarities between the two brands makes us wonder if the two companies could end up merging someday if Poosh becomes successful.

We don’t know if Gwyneth and Kourtney know one another. Imagine how powerful a merger would be in helping their respective reputations. The only thing we wouldn’t want is for a portmanteau out of their names into Goosh.