Is Kris Jenner Joining the ‘RHOBH’ Cast? Sources Say She’s ‘Open’ To Appearing on the Series

Kris Jenner has built an entire TV empire along with her famous children — but now that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is coming to an end in 2021, many fans wonder what’s next for the momager’s career.

While some are speculating that Jenner will continue to manage her daughters as they expand their brands, others think that she will remain in the spotlight by possibly joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Though this has been an ongoing rumor, insiders have revealed that Jenner is open to making appearances on the series. But where does she stand on the idea of joining the cast full-time? Read on below to find out.

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner | JC Olivera/Getty Images

Some fans want to Kris Jenner to join the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

When it was announced that KUWTK will end in 2021 after 20 seasons, fans began speculating what the famous Kar-Jenner bunch will do now that they’re relieved from starring on the show.

While many are confident the Kardashian-Jenner sisters will keep expanding their respective beauty and fashion brands, others are convinced the famed momager will continue her reality television career.

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner| Iconic/GC Images

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In fact, some are even calling for Jenner to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. Since she is close friends with Kyle Richards and has made appearances on the show before, fans believe that integrating the momager into the RHOBH cast would be a natural fit for her.

Andy Cohen says Kris Jenner is ‘intrigued’ to join the show

In addition to fans who want to see Jenner join the RHOBH cast, Bravo star Andy Cohen also thinks the momager would make a great addition to the Housewives franchise.

During a Sept. 9 episode of his SiriusXM channel show Radio Andy, Cohen weighed in on Jenner potentially joining the Beverly Hills Housewives.

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“I want to talk about Kris Jenner. It was announced yesterday, the family of Kardashian announced … that next year will be their last year on Keeping Up with the Kardashians after 20-something seasons,” the Watch What Happens Live host said.

Cohen then revealed that he has been receiving messages on Twitter from fans suggesting that Jenner join the RHOBH cast, which he says needs to happen.

“I got so many [direct messages] and tweets saying, ‘Kris should join the Housewives,” he continued. “She’s great friends with Kyle. This should happen. Make it happen.'”

While some think the KUWTK star would make a great addition to the show, others don’t want to see her on the series, which Cohen addressed on his radio show.

“And then I tweeted that I would be talking about it on the radio today and I got a whole bunch of tweets saying, ‘Don’t do it,'” said Cohen. “It’s so interesting to me now.”

But despite what fans think of Jenner potentially being part of the RHOBH cast, Cohen doesn’t think she’ll actually join the show.

“Why would she leave and join a show that she has no control over?” Cohen asked. “She wouldn’t be an executive producer of the show, she wouldn’t have control over the edits, so I think for someone who is used to having so much power over a show, I can’t see her surrendering that power.”

Kris Jenner is open to appearing on ‘RHOBH,’ but not as a full-time cast member

Though many people would love to see Jenner continue her reality television career alongside the RHOBH cast, it turns out that starring on the show full-time actually isn’t something she’s interested in.

According to HollywoodLife, the Kardashian matriarch is “open” to making appearances on the show every once in a while. However, she doesn’t want to be a full-time cast member and won’t be joining the Beverly Hills Housewives next season.

“She’s open to appearing here and there like she did this season when it’s natural as she is friends with a lot of the ladies, but she won’t be joining as a friend or full-time cast member next season,” an insider told the outlet.

“Kris is not joining the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills [full-time],” the source continued. “There was never even any talk of it. Kris has no idea where that rumor even came from or how it got started.”

So, there you have it, Jenner is not joining the RHOBH cast. But at least we’ll still be able to see her on the show every once in a while.