Is Lady Gaga to Blame For Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s Breakup?

You may remember when we explored the rumors that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper had a secret love affair when A Star is Born hit theaters. While those rumors have since been proven wrong through Lady Gaga’s own words, we can at least say we called it right on their supposed affair being pure method acting.

When performing their now iconic Shallow duet at the Oscars, I managed to scope out things proving they were merely great actors creating the illusion of romance for an international audience. We’ll assume this held, now that Cooper is breaking up with Irina Shayk. Once again, many likely assume this split has something to do with Lady Gaga. The latter may be ducking for cover.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga | Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Did the Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s romance hit the rocks right after the Oscars?

There seems to be a terrible track record for couples breaking up after major award shows take place. This sometimes happens when the spouse happens to win an award. In the case of Cooper, you almost have to think performing Shallow with Lady Gaga at the Oscars to an adoring audience was enough to override losing the Oscar.

At the time, it certainly seemed like a classy performance that was vividly acted, with no hard feelings from Shayk. Immediate rumors were also quelled when seeing Shayk showing full support for Gaga after the performance.

Cut ahead a week later, and paparazzi posted a photo of Cooper and Shayk looking upset when in a car together. Was it just a coincidence this occurred right after the Oscars, or have they had problems brewing for a while without a public display?

Rumors might have frayed Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s relationship

We have to admit the rumors about Cooper and Lady Gaga were borderline hysteria in the weeks following the Oscars. When those scenarios happen, they almost start to form a life of their own, despite our dire push to find a reason.

One of those rumors was Cooper’s ex-wife tweeting during the Oscars and making a salacious comment about Cooper and Gaga’s duet. Some wondered if her comment could have ballooned into an argument and lead to Cooper and Shayk looking miserable together a week later.

There isn’t any evidence of this, but the timing seems oddly in question considering they never looked sour in the months before. They always appeared blissful prior, including genuine happiness in raising the daughter they had together.

If they couldn’t process all of the rumors, it’s worth looking at what Lady Gaga’s reaction may be to Cooper and Shayk breaking up.

Official sources insist Lady Gaga had nothing to do with Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s breakup

The most recent report from US Magazine on the Cooper-Shayk shakeup says Lady Gaga absolutely had no association. Unfortunately, many have already turned to social media to insist they’ll gravitate to one another now.

Even yours truly did this, but only with a little satirical irony. Others will take it all too seriously and assume Lady Gaga was perhaps indirectly to blame. Or, maybe she and Cooper were to blame for taking method acting a little too far at the Oscars to a point where reality and fantasy more or less fused.

Their original intent was to create something magical and artful about love for the sake of taking people away from their problems. Maybe it’s become a new warning tale about method acting in general and whether it can tinker too much with reality and harm relationships.

As only a theory to throw out there, we may find out Cooper and Shayk had problems they just never realized they had. Award shows may be a constant curse to expose those issues.