Is Lindsay Lohan Finally Ready for a Hollywood Comeback?

During the 1990s, Lindsay Lohan was a fresh-faced child star with a shock of bright red hair and adorable freckles. Most of those who grew up in that era remember her as the singular actress portraying the role of long-lost twins in The Parent Trap remake of 1998.

From her childhood, it was a seamless switch to teen acting – which is where most of her best known films come from. Freaky Friday, Herbie: Fully Loaded, and (of course) Mean Girlsare just a few of the films Lohan tackled in the early to mid-2000s.

Lindsay Lohan looking healthy
Lindsay Lohan looks ready for a comeback | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Then, as it often does, trouble struck. The lives of many child stars, who were unable to have normal childhoods, often turn into shambles upon reaching adulthood. Not only are child stars not allowed a normal childhood, but they are often exploited, hurt, and have their innocence ripped from them much too early by the movie business.

Such was the case for Lindsay Lohan who, upon reaching adulthood, began acting out both in her personal life and publicly. Lohan was arrested on DUI charges multiple times, and had several very public fails at rehab. Then, out of nowhere, Lindsay Lohan seemed to just disappear.

Fans of Lohan will be pleased to know that she is now well, happy, and acting once more. In fact, she’s trying to make a Hollywood comeback with her first feature film since 2013. 

Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Beach Club’ helped put her back in the spotlight

Lohan most recently resurfaced to star in the MTV reality television series Beach Club. The series focuses on Lohan’s life as she runs a beach club based in Mykonos, Greece, where the star is reported to currently live. The show has been quite successful, and helped place her back in Hollywood’s spotlight for a time. Her upcoming movie promises to grant her at least a few more years of being on everyone’s celebrity radar. 

Linday Lohan’s new film: ‘Among the Shadows’

Lohan’s newest film is called Among the Shadows, and the part she plays could potentially cement her place in the world of adult acting – much as The Parent Trap made her a child star, and Freaky Friday cemented her in the world of teen acting. 

Due to release on March 5th of this year, Among the Shadows is the story of a private detective who just so happens to come from a long line of werewolves. She must, of course, keep this a secret – because who would want a werewolf hunting down their loved ones for them?

Lindsay Lohan plays the role of Patricia, the wife of a European president. Lohan seeks out the help of Detective Kristy Wolfe (portrayed by Charlotte Beckett) to figure out who is trying to assassinate her husband. Wolfe must help Lohan while also figuring out who murdered her uncle. 

Lohan is looking much better and ready for a comeback

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In the previews released thus far, it is a very different Lohan we see. Remembered most recently as gaunt and sickly looking after a difficult ongoing battle with both hardcore drugs and alcohol. It appears that, at long last, Lindsay Lohan is clean and looking better than ever – and also, significantly more adult than when we last saw her around six years ago.

While still thin, Lohan is certainly not gaunt. Her facial features would be described more as angular than sickly. She is, of course, still sporting her trademark red hair and freckles – a dead giveaway, even if fans didn’t already know she’d be starring in Among the Shadows.