Is Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Beach Club’ the Best Show on MTV Right Now?

From her advent on TV screens as an adorable redhead in a Pizza Hut commercial to her career-defining roles in The Parent Trap and Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan is one of the most recognized personalities in the world.

Her struggles with addiction and a reckless commitment to nightclub antics drove Lohan to the brink of career destruction. But recently, she’s been making headlines for a more positive reason – her brand-new MTV show Beach Club.

What is ‘Beach Club’ on MTV about?

A reality show that chronicles the adventures of the staff and crew of Lohan’s club in Mykonos, Beach Club premiered on January 8th, 2019, to positive fan reception. Lohan has been working on her clubs in Greece for years, and only recently decided to start filming her process of hiring and training the specialty staff for the Mykonos property. Her reason for doing so is twofold. First, Lohan wants to get past some bad relationship traumas. Second, she wants to show viewers that nightclubs can provide a positive, happy environment.

What does Lindsay Lohan want to achieve with ‘Beach Club’?

Lohan states that with the advent of her new image as a boss and business owner, she hopes that the public will see her for who she really is – a nice, normal person, who wishes to make a new beginning and leave the past where it is. Whether the show will be successful in turning around the public perception of her is one thing – but it’s certain that fans are loving Beach Club. The social media reaction was immediate, with fans tuning in to watch how Lohan has evolved, both as a professional and as a person.

Will MTV’s accidental hit, Beach Club, be enough to return Lohan to the spotlight for good? No matter what the future holds for Lindsay Lohan, for now at least, she’s found a place back in the hearts (and TV screens) of her fans.

What happened to Lindsay Lohan’s film career?

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Born in 1986, Lindsay Lohan started working when she was very young. She appeared in commercials for Pizza Hut and restaurant chain Wendy’s before she reached the age of 10. She got her big break in Disney’s 1998 The Parent Trap. Her performance as long-lost twin sisters received critical acclaim. Lohan more than held her own against such big-name costars as Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson.

In 2000, she appeared with supermodel Tyra Banks in the cult-classic television film Life-Size. In 2003, she starred with Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday. That film cemented her status as a teen icon, and throughout the early 2000s, Lohan appeared on hundreds of magazine covers. Mean Girls ushered in the next phase of Lohan’s career and is still one her most successful film. It was around this time that Lohan started becoming the subject of intense paparazzi scrutiny, and her hard-partying antics were recorded almost daily.

Why did Lohan stop acting?

Though Lohan continued to appear in both serious and comedic film roles throughout the early and mid-2000s, her nightclub appearances started becoming more distracting than her work in movies. She was in and out of rehab numerous times, and by 2014, she admitted in an interview with Oprah that she did have a substance abuse problem.

In conjunction with her struggles with alcohol and drugs, Lohan started having problems professionally. Stories surfaced from various film sets about her being excessively late to work, or not showing up at all. She even dealt with a long string of legal issues. 2013 marked her final film appearance before disappearing overseas, to work on her newfound passion, the hospitality industry.