Is Loki Dead or Alive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

With an introduction in the first Thor movie in 2011, Loki became one of the world’s favorite anti-heroes – rivaling the obsession with DC’s Harley Quinn.

God of Mischief, son of Odin, and brother to Thor, God of Thunder, Loki is an incredibly dynamic hero. At times, fans loathed him, and at others, fans couldn’t help but love him. His death in Avengers: Infinity War shook the world and had viewers crying before they’d even reached a quarter through the movie. 

A mixture of desperation for their favorite character to live and supposed evidence cited from throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe prompted a lot of fans to speculate whether this death was real. Is Loki dead or alive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will fans be seeing more of him? Here’s what we know.

Loki definitely died in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston portrayed Loki in multiple Marvel films. | Mat Hayward/Getty Images

While many fans struggled with coming to terms with Loki’s death, all fan theories were promptly debunked. The most famous among these was a belief that Loki had tricked Thanos. This would mean that he would not have died at all, but once again was hiding somewhere in the shadows.

‘Once again’ is the proper term for it, because Loki has “died” a few times throughout the series. So often, in fact, that Thor jokes in Avengers: Endgame that “he’s been dead before” when Rocket Raccoon brings up the subject of Thor’s numerous losses. 

The issue with this fan theory is that Loki’s illusions cannot be touched. This is shown time and again throughout the MCU, so this fan theory doesn’t hold up. The final word on the situation came from Avengers: Endgame directors. When asked if any of the many fake death theories could be true, the directors said simply: “Loki is dead.”

There’s a new television series

All may not be lost, however, because there is a new television series starring Loki that will debut on the new streaming service, Disney+. The new service is set to go live in late 2019, and will feature several series based on characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There have been rumors that these will tie into the overall story arc somehow, and that Avengers: Endgame will somehow set things up for these coming series.

According to IMDBLoki will have six episodes in the first season with no word on whether there will be consecutive seasons. Although the show will obviously be centered around Loki, there is no word on the show’s plot.

Generally speaking, there are two options. One is that the series will fill in the gaps of Loki’s history and be based at some time in the past. The second is that Loki does actually live after Avengers: Infinity Wars (and presumably Endgame also), and the series will pick up from that point and move forward.

Marvel is keeping fans guessing by staying silent on which way the television series will go. If the way they have handled Avengers: Endgame is any indication, then they may not offer any clues until the series makes it’s actual debut.

There is also still no definitive release date for the series, but the good news is that everyone’s favorite mischief-maker will be played by the much-beloved Tom Hiddleston.

Is Loki dead or alive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Whether or not Loki is alive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe hinges heavily on which way the television series goes – for now, at least.

Unless the big shots at Marvel offer any information before the series debuts (which is highly doubted), then fans will simply have to wait and see whether Loki is based on the God of Mischief’s past or present.