Is ‘Lucifer’ Canceled or Will Netflix Make a Season 5?

Shows exploring the dark side of the world have become more popular in an increased antihero TV universe. Lucifer is a good example of this, despite having a typical antihero trait: Doing some level of good.

Those of you who’ve never seen the show should know it digs into the biblical territory and covers the story of a fallen angel (Tom Ellis playing Lucifer Morningstar) who also so happens to be the “Lord of Hell.” After coming to live on earth, he consults with the LAPD to help bring down criminals as an earthly pastime.

Sure, the pitch for this was probably unbelievable, but it built a solid fan base. Fox carried it for three seasons, then Netflix picked it up. Is it already over, or will Netflix give it a proper grand finale?

‘Lucifer’ will wrap up with a fifth and final Netflix season

Tom Ellis
Tom Ellis | FOX via Getty Images)

Variety confirms Lucifer will end its run with a final fifth season at some unknown date. It might be a little while considering the fourth season just started on Netflix this last May.

For the producers of the show, they’re thankful they can end the show and tie up loose ends. We’re starting to see more networks and streaming services allow shows to have proper series finales rather than canceling them suddenly and leaving fans wondering what happens to the characters.

Audiences long became fed up with this practice by programming executives on regular networks. Finally, they’re acquiescing to the fans and giving closure to characters they’ve followed without fail.

On Lucifer, the speculation about how it’ll end has a lot of creative juices flowing. Considering the premise was already a large one, the full arc of having The Devil as lead is one that could go in virtually any direction.

What happens if Lucifer goes back to Hell?

One of the most tongue-in-cheek and earthly plot points of Lucifer was “Lucifer Morningstar” buying a nightclub in L.A. called Lux. He only did this because he was bored being the ruler of Hell and wanted to do something more exciting within our earthly environments.

His work as a consultant for the LAPD also became the crux of the show, even if he’s basically doing good by helping to catch criminals. Then again, most of the criminals he helps bring down are major demonic threats to the Los Angeles area.

Adding to the complexity is Lucifer’s love affair with Chloe, a detective at the LAPD. Plus, you have Morningstar’s family in tow with him on earth, including his brother and mother.

Because he’s essentially done some “good” in helping to bring down criminals, we have to wonder if the end will have him becoming somewhat reformed.

Can Lucifer really be made into a better “person” by the end of the show?

Now there’s an idea: Reforming The Devil himself so he’s no longer known as a fallen angel. This won’t happen in reality (if you believe in biblical prophecy) as much as we might wish it.

On television, it’s a whole different ride with likely a lot of wild theories floating around the writer’s room. Will the writers ultimately redeem Lucifer by the end of the show, or is he impossible to reform based on his work with the LAPD?

With Netflix ordering a full 16 episodes for the final season, there’s a lot more room to expand on all the plot points and bring a memorable ending. Overall, we fully expect he’ll go back to Hell, but maybe one of his family members will ultimately become the new ruler there.

If Morningstar becomes an influential person here on earth for years to come due to his works, the show would really open things to wild speculation. Such a scenario would even make for a very interesting follow-up if anyone dared.