Is Marie Kondo Married?

Marie Kondo has changed life as we know it with her KonMari method for tidying up. When she comes into people’s houses to teach them how to organize using her method, she usually gets to know them along the way. After all, she is all up in their stuff and learns what “sparks joy” for them.

Despite the fact that she’s in everyone else’s personal life, she’s not super open about her own. She is married and has two adorable girls.

Occasionally she’ll post pictures of her family on Instagram. In 2016, she talked to Good Housekeeping, and shed some light on what her personal life is like.

Marie Kondo is married

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Apparently her husband sparks joy, because Kondo has kept him around for seven years. Takumi Kawahara and Kondo married in 2012, and now they’re a “tidying up” power couple.

Kondo developed the method and wrote a book about it, but Kawahara is the CEO of KonMari media. Once her method started to take off, Kawahara quit his job to turn KonMari into a family business.

There’s a lot of KonMari media out there, and he’s involved in all of it. He helps her produce her Netflix show and manages her wildly popular Instagram accounts. That means he occasionally posts photos of the couple’s two daughters.

Marie Kondo has two daughters

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Kondo and Kawahara have two girls. Kondo and her husband were diligent in their organization efforts prior to the birth of Satsuki, now three years old.

The first time mom completely decluttered and essentially KonMaried her entire house was prior to the birth of her daughter. She was afraid that she wouldn’t have time to do any of that once the baby was born.

It turns out she was right. When her second daughter, Miko, 2, arrived, Kondo was a little more relaxed. With a one-year-old around, she didn’t have the time to do all the organizing she did before.

Also, Kondo realized that kids come with a lot of stuff. Even though some of it is big and bulky, like cribs and bouncers, it still sparks enough joy for her to keep around.

Kondo seems surprised by the number of stuff parents accumulate. Now she’s more likely to keep stuff, considering “the sheer number of things that increase.”

The whole family is into the KonMari method

Marie Kondo visits the Brit+ Co #CreateGood Wellness event.
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Fans may wonder Kondo’s husband is as gung-ho about organization as she is. The answer is yes.

Although he was already a good organizer when she met him, she quickly converted him to the KonMari method. After he read her book, he was a fan just like the rest of us.

It seems like these two are really in sync. As Kondo says, after reading her book “he became even more efficient. Fundamentally speaking, we’re in the same groove.”

Kawahara isn’t the only family member who’s into the KonMari method. Even though the girls are young, they’ve already started organizing and cleaning up after themselves. Kondo hasn’t forced it on them, but apparently, if Marie Kondo is your mother, you pick some things up. 

She said: “I was surprised to see her [Satsuki] putting books, stuffed animals, and toys for playing house back in their place more precisely than I expected.”

They’re not quite ready for their own show yet, though. The girls may be little organizers, but Kondo has to help them along. 

Little Satsuki helps fold clothes, but Kondo goes back and fixes them later. She recommends children learn about the KonMari method as soon as possible, as early as age 3.

Even though she hasn’t forced it on her girls, they’re a good example of the fact that sometimes cleaning is fun for little kids.