Is Meghan Markle a Diva for Wanting Two Baby Showers?

Expecting mother Meghan Markle seems excited about the birth of her child that will be happening soon. As such, the American-born Duchess decided to have two baby showers – one in New York and one in London – to celebrate the life-changing event.

However, not everyone has been happy to see Meghan Markle host two hugely extravagant parties and some see it as a very distasteful move. But what is really going on and why should people think twice before calling her a diva?

Meghan Markle’s two baby showers

On February 20th, the Duchess of Sussex had a baby shower at a five-star hotel in New York City. She was surrounded by several close friends, including recognizable faces such as Amal Clooney, Gayle King, and Serena Williams. It was a very lavish affair that seemed to have cost around $200,000.

It’s been revealed that Meghan Markle will have another baby shower in London very soon. This occasion will reportedly be smaller than the previous one, but it will include her husband, Prince Harry, as well as her mother, Doria Ragland. Neither of them were in attendance at the shower in New York City.

How did the other royals react to her lavish events?

None of the British royals have publicly stated their opinions on the Duchess of Sussex’s baby showers, but there have been some speculations about their reactions.

Paul Burrell, who used to work closely with the royal family as a butler, believes that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (who did not have a baby shower for their three kids) would disapprove of what Meghan has been doing. “I think William, as well as Kate Middleton, will be totally bewildered by why Meghan is doing all this, as there’s no excuse for overindulgence or excess and that’s what it seems to me,” he said.

According to British television presenter Piers Morgan, Queen Elizabeth probably does not like it either. “We don’t really have baby showers really in Britain,” he shared. “The concept of a very extravagant party with a load of famous people turning up to celebrate the arrival of a baby in a couple of months is not something we would do so the queen would be like, ‘What is this?’ to start with.”

Morgan also pointed out something similar to Burrell’s point when it comes to royals and money: “The key thing about the royals is to be understated. We all know that they’re royal, we all know that they’re very wealthy. But the absolutely number one rule is don’t rub the British people’s noses in your wealth.”

On the other hand, though, Ingrid Seward, author of a 2017 biography about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s marriage, does not believe that Her Majesty has any problem with Meghan Markle throwing baby showers. “If she even knows about it, the queen will think, ‘I’m delighted the girl’s enjoying herself.’ There may be a bit of in-house sniping from courtiers but not from her.”  

Is the Duchess of Sussex a diva?

Meghan Markle
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

As Piers Morgan pointed out, baby showers are not exactly a part of British traditions. As such, it is understandable that some media outlets and fans are confused or even quite appalled at such an ostentatious party for a royal family member, especially since royals are rich enough to buy anything they could ever need for their child.

However, baby showers are quite important for many American women who are expecting. Some might use showers as a way for friends and family members to pitch in and buy gifts for their babies. Others simply see it as a way to gather loved ones together to celebrate a significant milestone in their life. And it’s clear that this was a part of Meghan Markle’s American heritage that she did not want to give up.

Since she is a member of the British royal family with an American background, it makes sense that the Duchess of Sussex (who has the money for it) would have two baby showers to celebrate with friends and family who live on different shores of the pond. She was also an actress with many Hollywood connections, so it was inevitable that several famous celebrities were invited. Neither of these points would make her a diva but rather a person who wants to merge two cultures that she is a part of with her close loved ones.