Is Meghan Markle a Princess or a Duchess?

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement, many people in the United States were extremely excited, saying that they couldn’t wait to see the American actress officially become a princess.

Most people in the royal family have titles, and some of the family members have several of them. At times, it can be quite confusing. For instance, Prince Harry isn’t known as just a prince. He also has the titles Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel. Similarly, Kate Middleton also has several titles. She is known not only as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge but also as Countess of Strathearn in Scotland, and people in Northern Ireland refer to Kate as Lady Carrickfergus.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

That is a lot to keep track of, and many royal fans are not sure as to whether one of the newest royals, Meghan Markle, is a princess or a duchess. Let’s break it all down.

Diana was a princess

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About Diana: "I vividly recall meeting Princess Diana and her then husband, Prince Charles at a formal dinner at The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. in 1985. Diana, an unforgettably beautiful and gracious woman, was the center of attention for one group of admirers after another. The heir to the throne joked that he was a 'second-class citizen' when he attended parties with his more dazzling wife." John Paul Stevens, retired Supreme Court Justice ■ قالوا عن ديانا: "أذكر بشكل واضح لقائي باﻷميرة ديانا وزوجها السابق اﻷمير تشارلز، وذلك في حفل عشاء رسمي بمقر المعرض الوطني للفنون في العاصمة واشنطن عام 1985. كانت ديانا إمرأة فاتنة ورقيقة بشكل لا ينسى، وكانت بلا منازع محط أنظار الحاضرين من المعجبين الذين تناوبوا على تحيتها ولقائها واحدا تلو اﻵخر. وقد مزح وريث العرش معي واصفا نفسه بأنه 'مواطن من الدرجة الثانية' كلما حضر حفلات العشاء الراقية مع زوجته ذات الجمال الباهر." جون بول ستيفينز، قاضي متقاعد في محكمة العدل العليا بالولايات المتحدة ■ #princessdianaforever #humanitarian #princessofwales #princessdiana #gb #hertruestory #kensingtonpalace #uk #thebritishroyalfamily #theroyalfamily #thebritishmonarchy #queenofhearts #instagood #instaroyal #instalike #di #fashionicon #peoplesprincess #style #glamorous #icon #foreveryoung #uk #الأميرة_ديانا #أميرة_ويلز #أميرة_القلوب #الأميرة_ديانا_لﻷبد #بريطانيا #لندن #قصتها_الحقيقية #أميرة_الشعب

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As we are well aware, Diana was not a member of the royal family by blood. She became royalty upon her marriage to Prince Charles, yet she was officially called Diana, Princess of Wales. More often, we refer to her simply as Princess Diana.

So, why aren’t her daughters-in-law called Princess Kate and Princess Meghan? It is because Diana’s father, John Spencer, inherited a title. He was known as Earl Spencer, which meant that Diana was then known as Lady Diana Spencer up until her marriage when she then became the Princess of Wales.

What is a duchess?

Being a duchess is quite an honor, something that very few people get to experience in their lifetime. For the past year or so, we’ve gone from calling one of our favorite actresses simply Meghan, or Meg for short to referring to her as Duchess Meghan. Prince Harry became a duke on his wedding day, making Meghan a duchess as his wife. A duke is someone who has the highest rank in the monarchy, other than the king or queen themselves. 

What does it mean to be a princess?

This is where it gets a little more complicated. Since Prince Harry is, in fact, a prince, then shouldn’t Meghan Markle be a princess? It is listed on little Archie Harrison’s birth certificate that Meghan is a “Princess of the United Kingdom”.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this is her occupation. To be an official princess, Meghan would have to be a direct descendant of Queen Elizabeth II. Since she is the wife of a prince, her title is listed as Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales, but since she is not a royal by blood, she is called Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex.

Is Archie a prince?

The royal protocol that dictates whether someone is a prince or a princess may leave many fans wondering if baby Archie is officially a prince. After all, he is a direct descendant of the queen, and his cousins, George, Charlotte, and Louis are princes and a princess.

Harry and Meghan chose not to give their son a royal title, at least not at this time. When Archie’s grandfather, Prince Charles, becomes king, it is possible that Archie could take the title of prince. As the son of Prince Harry, who is not in the direct line for the throne, Archie was not automatically a prince upon birth, however, the queen could have chosen to give him a title if that is what everyone wanted. So, for now, he is just baby Archie Harrison, which has an adorable ring to it.

Meghan Markle may not be an official princess, but that doesn’t make us love her any less. We have to say that being called a duchess is a significant honor, one that Meghan is surely proud to have.