Is Meghan Markle Becoming a Bigger Fashion Icon Than Kate Middleton?

In 2011, the world was introduced to what came to be known as the “Kate effect,” as the new Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in outfit after fabulous outfit. Just about everything that she wore seemed to sell out in minutes, and designers became busy creating pieces that channeled Kate Middleton’s style so the rest of the world could dress just as royally as Prince William’s new wife.

The “Kate effect” even had brides copying her wedding dress, and fans all over the world admiring the clothes that she chose for events and engagements. People were even copying her classic hairstyles and makeup looks.

But is there a new trendsetting duchess in town that will dethrone Kate? Some believe the “Meghan effect” just might be more powerful.

What is Kate Middleton’s style?

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Kate is known for looking perfectly put together at all times. She loves coat dresses and has been seen in many of them over the years. Also never one to shy away from bright colors, we have seen Kate in shades of fuschia, bubblegum pink, and bright blue. Kate’s famous hair is usually styled in her enviable bouncy blowout or pulled back in an elegant chignon. For formal events, we can always count on the Duchess of Cambridge to step out in a perfectly tailored gown with exquisite detail. Her overall style can be described as fashionable, classic, and relatively conservative — Kate doesn’t show off too much skin.

What is Meghan Markle’s style?

When Meghan began dating Prince Harry, fans were also busy admiring Meghan’s impeccable style. Whether she was attending a casual event with her prince in fashionably torn jeans and a white button-down shirt or a more formal engagement in a sparkly gown, it was soon evident that the “Meghan effect” was taking over. People all over the world, including some celebrities, were even copying Meghan’s signature hairstyle, the famous messy bun. No matter what type of event she was dressing for, Meghan was somehow able to create the perfect look each and every time. While many of her looks are similar to Kate’s, Meghan tends to show more flesh and take a few more risks than Kate.

Meghan’s wedding look

When Meghan and Harry married in a lavish ceremony at Saint George’s Chapel in Windsor, England, fans were on the edge of their seats just waiting for the bride to step out of her car in the dress that had been talked about for months. Meghan did not disappoint in a modern, three-quarter sleeve simple white gown that featured a boat neck and a stunning veil that stole the show! Suddenly, Meghan’s wedding look began inspiring bridal looks all over the world. Everyone just loved the gown that she chose for her special day.

Is Meghan Markle becoming a bigger fashion icon than Kate Middleton?

For several years, Kate was known as one of the world’s biggest fashion icons. No one could get enough of the looks that she sported, and she was quite arguably one of the most copied women in the entire world. Now that Meghan has made her mark on the fashion world as well with many iconic looks in the past year, fans are debating over who is the bigger fashion icon.

Who is the bigger fashion icon?

Kate and Meghan will always be fashion icons in their own right. No matter what they choose to wear, chances are, they will always be as equally admired as they are now. With different tastes, we will never get bored with anything that the two duchesses wear, or the unique looks that they put together. Kate and Meghan certainly know how to inspire the world with their fashion choices, and we can never wait to see what they wear next!