Is Meghan Markle Changing Prince Harry in the Best Way Possible?

Royal fans were over the moon when Prince Harry fell in love with American actress Meghan Markle and the two married at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, England.

Their story is like a real-life fairytale, and it isn’t over yet! Baby Sussex is due to arrive very shortly, and Meghan and Harry will no doubt be excellent parents. As we all know, before Harry met Meghan, he was a bit of a wild child.

We have seen him involved in a few scandals, and he certainly was not shy about the fact that despite his position as a royal, he was always up for a good time. It seems that Meghan has had quite a positive impact on Harry. So, how is she changing Prince Harry in the best way possible?

A royal bachelor

There was a time when Harry was known as the most eligible bachelor in the entire world.

He had more than one serious girlfriend over the years, yet it didn’t seem as if he would be settling down anytime soon. Harry was known for being the life of the party, always ready to let loose and have fun.

In fact, many pictures of Harry show him with a cigarette or a drink in his hand, further proving that he liked to do as he pleased. We can’t imagine that Queen Elizabeth was too happy about all of this.

Harry wasn’t the healthiest eater

Despite having access to palace chefs who would no doubt create any healthy dish that Harry asked for, he wasn’t the healthiest eater before Meghan entered his life.

His cabinets were usually fully stocked with his favorite treats, such as potato chips and pretzels, and he was said to enjoy a luscious dessert every now and again.

This all changed when Meghan moved in, and she made sure that Harry’s diet was complete with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and occasional lean meats.

Harry even famously proposed when they were roasting a chicken in the kitchen of their home at Nottingham cottage. Looks like the days of greasy burgers and fries are long gone!

Visiting a wellness store

Recently, Meghan and Harry were photographed shopping at a wellness store near Kensington Palace in London. The store is known for organic skincare products, which fit right into Meghan’s healthy lifestyle.

We can imagine that Harry encouraged his pregnant wife to purchase anything that caught her eye, especially if she thought it would be beneficial for her and the new baby.

A more healthy routine

Since meeting Meghan, Harry is making it a point to follow a much more healthy lifestyle. He no longer smokes or drinks alcoholic beverages and the kitchen at their home is stocked with plenty of healthy, nutritious snacks.

Although Harry was physically active before, he didn’t follow a strict exercise routine. Now, it is said that he shares Meghan’s love of yoga, which makes sense since they built a yoga studio in their new house.

Every meal is much more carefully planned and consists of foods that health-conscious Meghan fully approves of.

Changing Harry for the better

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Meghan's unseen India charity work captured in newly released footage as she champions the right of girls to an education – with charity @WorldVisionUK in 2017. To support organizations @mynamahila and policies that are working on menstrual health management; to break the stigma around Menstruation. Thanks to @itvnewsroyals . . Co-founders Suhani Jalota and Meena Jagdish Ramani took BT on a tour of their Myna Mahila Foundation in Govandi, also reminiscing Meghan’s two-day visit to their office in Mumbai last year. What impressed Suhani about Meghan is that she didn’t overreact to things. She said, “I was concerned that Meghan might be one of those who would glamourise the issue over how some girls skip school in India when they have periods. But thankfully, she didn’t think of the problem as worse than it actually was, like most foreigners do. She had worked on this issue in Africa as well. She was well aware, so she didn’t ask basic questions like, ‘Why not use tampons?’ She knew the challenges we faced in India, some of them being basic issues like water scarcity. She spoke of actionable steps and that was the reason we had that genuine connection. She didn’t pretend to be what she was not. When she was here, this place didn’t even have electricity, but that didn’t seem to bother her. She visited women in their homes around. She also shared a meal with us. We even got a sari and blouse stitched for her overnight. We got bangles for her and helped her drape the sari on her. She is one of the most humble people we’ve met.”

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Fans are extremely happy that Meghan is changing Harry for the better. Not only will it allow him to live a healthier life, but it will also be advantageous to him as a new father.

In addition to leading a healthy life themselves, Meghan and Harry are said to be going in that direction for the new baby as well, building a sustainable nursery focusing on health and well-being.

Harry is greatly enjoying his healthy new lifestyle, and we can agree that Meghan has been a wonderful influence on him!