Is Meghan Markle Enjoying the Royal Life Spotlight?

When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in 2018, she became one of the most famous women in the world. Even though she was an actress before joining the royal family, she did not receive as much attention back then as she does now.

However, is Markle enjoying all the attention that she is receiving as a royal? Given her background in Hollywood, many people believe that she does, but is that true? Let’s look at what we know.

Meghan Markle has received a lot of negative press as a royal

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

It’s hard to go a day without seeing news about Markle, but it doesn’t mean that all this coverage is positive. In fact, the Duchess of Sussex has actually received quite a lot of negative press during her first year as a royal.

Numerous reports have been published about her supposed inability to fit into the royal family. Critics say that she is too “stubborn” and does not care about royal traditions or rules. This also allegedly caused her to have feuds with her staff members as well as Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Additionally, everything Markle does gets scrutinized by the media. For example, when she had her baby showers, the British tabloids accused her of being a “diva” despite the fact that baby showers are common in her home country.

Even as a new mom, she still does not get much sympathy to the press. Recently, she was mom-shamed for the way that she held her son, though parenting experts said that there was nothing wrong with what she was doing at all.

Meghan Markle reportedly “struggles” with the royal life spotlight

Getting criticism all the time is definitely not an easy thing to cope with, especially when it doesn’t feel like Markle could ever win.

A source told People that the Duchess of Sussex is struggling behind the scenes with living under such a harsh spotlight. “Although she is a former actress, this is on a different level,” the insider said.

Some royal watchers even believe that she could reach a “breaking point” because of all of the negative press. It’s not clear what exactly will happen during the “breaking point,” but royal reporter Victoria Arbiter pointed out that it would be good for everyone to simply “let her do the job she’s in the royal family to do and perhaps hold back on some of the criticism.”

At a recent movie premiere, Markle even hinted at the fact that she and Prince Harry are having a hard time with all of this. When talking to Pharrell on the red carpet, he congratulated the couple on having a great relationship and being inspirational. Markle responded: “Oh thank you. They don’t make it easy.”

Although she did not clarify who “they” refer to, many people believe that she was definitely talking about all the critics who try to tear her down.

Meghan Markle wants to raise her son away from the press

Because of what Markle has been going through in the past year, perhaps it’s not such a surprising thing that she and Prince Harry are choosing to raise their son away from the spotlight.

The couple moved out of Kensington Palace not long ago and are now residing in Frogmore Cottage in a countryside town outside of London. They have also set up a lot of security around the new home in order to keep paparazzi and curious visitors away.

Markle and Prince Harry are also determined to let their son live as a private citizen. They have chosen to not give him a title and are also not showing him off as much as Prince William and Middleton have done with their three children.