Is Meghan Markle Funny? Here’s What the Queen Had to Say

Meghan Markle has gotten a lot of bad press since joining the royal family. But those closest to her know her real personality, unlike most Americans and Brits, who only hear what is reported in the news about the duchess. But when it comes to Meghan’s personality, it’s hard to tell what she’s really like just from her engagements and appearances. Is the Duchess of Sussex funny? The queen would know.

Meghan Markle Queen Elizabeth
Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth share a laugh | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Meghan has gotten bad press about her personality

Ever since Meghan started dating Prince Harry, her life has been one massive media storm. The press is constantly on Meghan’s case about everything she does, and there have been numerous stories from royal “insiders” claiming that none of the staff within the royal family can bear the duchess. With all of the bad press, it’s made some people question Meghan’s personality and wonder what kind of person she really is. But those close to her seem to think that she has quite the sense of humor.

Meghan’s friends have said the duchess makes them laugh

Although Meghan’s life has changed greatly since marrying Harry, she has still managed to keep in touch with all of her friends. And according to friends and former colleagues, Meghan has some great attributes. When Meghan was in New York for her baby shower, some of her friends stopped to talk with reporters about what the duchess is really like. One person said Meghan is “the most selfless person I know.” And someone else, a former colleague of Meghan’s, said that she is “wicked funny.”

The queen reportedly broke her own protocol when Meghan once made her snort with laughter

Back when Meghan and the queen were first getting to know each other, it didn’t take long for the queen to learn Meghan is funny. According to royal biographer Angela Levin, when Meghan and the queen were on an overnight outing on the royal train, Meghan reportedly made the queen laugh so hard that she snorted — and that says it all. Normally, this type of behavior is entirely against royal protocol (snorting is inappropriate), but obviously the queen couldn’t hold back at something hilarious Meghan said. “That’s quite unusual for the queen to do that when she is on duty,” Levin told Express.

Meghan and the queen are all smiles as they bond over Baby Archie.

Harry likely wouldn’t have married someone who isn’t funny

Although it may come as a surprise at first to learn how funny the duchess is, it actually shouldn’t be that surprising, since Harry most likely wouldn’t want to marry someone who didn’t make him laugh. Harry has always been a bit more of a free spirit than his brother, and he probably wouldn’t want to end up with someone stuffy and boring. When the royals are on duty, they don’t often get to showcase their real personalities. But behind the scenes, they’re probably a lot more comfortable with each other than they look to the public. And we can’t believe everything we hear about the royals, since the press likely stretches the truth in some cases.

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