Is Meghan Markle Further Along Than Expected?

The entire world is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Baby Sussex! Royal betters are actively placing odds on whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, the birth weight, and of course, names. It seems that Meghan Markle’s baby bump suddenly blossomed overnight, leaving many fans speculating about her due date.

She and Harry have only said that the baby is due in “the springtime” and have been quite vague about the exact time. According to reports, the due date is sometime in April or May. While we are speculating that she is about 7 months pregnant, could the end of her pregnancy actually be sooner?

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle’s due date is quickly approaching | Tim P. Whitby – Pool/Getty Images

Is Meghan Markle actually further along in her pregnancy?

In typical royal fashion, the expectant parents are keeping a few secrets about their baby. They claim they do not know the gender of their soon to be born child, and they have stayed quiet about the exact arrival date. Although Meghan and Harry have dropped a few hints, fans are still wondering the exact date. In January, Meghan told a well-wishing fan that she was 6 months along.

Why are people speculating the due date is sooner?

Meghan and Harry just finished a royal tour of Morocco. Loyal fans kept an eye on every detail of the trip, from Meghan’s outfits to her jewelry, as well as the lovely henna tattoo that one of the locals painted on her hand to celebrate her pregnancy. Curiously enough, they made no secret about the fact this would be Meghan’s last trip before giving birth, and that she is cutting back on her royal duties. This has led many to believe that Harry and Meghan could be introducing Baby Sussex to the world very soon, as Meghan is keeping her usually busy schedule on the lighter side.

She seems to be wrapping things up

Immediately before the couple embarked on their trip to Morocco, Meghan flew to New York City to attend a baby shower thrown by her closest friends. It seems the trips were strangely scheduled very close to each other, leading to rumors there simply was no other time for Meghan’s friends to hold a shower. Could it possibly be that Meghan needs to stop going on overseas trips because her due date is much nearer than we originally thought? If so, her baby shower may have been scheduled at the time that it was because Meghan would have been too heavily pregnant to fly if it took place any later.

Is Meghan covering up her bump to try and conceal her due date?

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Earlier in her pregnancy, the Duchess of Sussex was not shy about putting her growing baby bump on full display! Dresses were on the tighter side, showcasing Meghan’s belly for all the world to see. However, while in Morocco, Meghan wore much more loosely fitted outfits than she normally does, such as flowing dresses and oversized jackets. This led many people to believe she was making an effort to cover up her bump so the exact size would remain a secret. On the other hand, the outfits did fit the occasion.

It very well may be that Meghan is much closer to the end of her pregnancy than many people think. In any case, we’ll be meeting the newest member of the royal family soon!