Is Meghan Markle Quietly Sending a New Message With This Royal Trick?

For well over a year now, Meghan Markle has found herself in the media spotlight like never before. Every move that she makes is often criticized, and even members of the public always seem to have something to say.

Lately, a lot of the comments that are being made about Meghan are leaning more toward the negative side, and she and Harry haven’t been taking very kindly to the pressure. Meghan has made it clear that she wants to make a positive impact, not only on the people of Britain but on fans all around the world. 

With all of the negativity that has been surrounding Meghan lately, it may be that she is changing some things about herself to try and make people understand her just a little better. The Duchess of Sussex is by far not the first royal to give subtle hints about something rather than come right out and say it. So, what is the royal trick that Meghan Markle may be using in order to send a message to the public?

Kate Middleton has sent messages in the past

Meghan Markle smiles for the camera
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Meghan’s sister in law, Kate Middleton, has done small things that have made powerful statements. In fact, fans have recently caught on, and it may be the very reason that the Duchess of Cambridge has been surrounded by rumors in recent weeks.

As one of the most photographed women in the world, Kate knows that people are going to notice every little detail. In the past, fans were always able to predict that a pregnancy announcement was coming. Why is this? Well, in order to divert attention away from her tiny — but still visible — baby bump, Kate would step out debuting a new hairstyle.

According to Glamour, fans caught on when we realized that the duchess had a new look shortly before announcing that she was expecting Prince George, and again before she told the world that Princess Charlotte was on the way.

When Kate was seen with noticeably shorter hair a few years ago, everyone began speculating that a third child would be announced. As it turns out, that was exactly the case.

Meghan has been the subject of negative press

It seems that lately, Meghan is having some trouble catching a break. She has taken backlash for things such as her parenting skills as well as her expensive wardrobe, which fans know is paid for by Prince Charles.

In the past, Meghan has been called mean nicknames, such as “Duchess Difficult” and “Me-Gain”, and it appears that the pressure of it all is beginning to get to her just a little.

In a recent documentary, People reveals that Meghan even went so far as to say that she isn’t looking for the public to “love” her, instead, she would rather just have their understanding.

Is Meghan Markle quietly sending a new message with this royal trick?

Ever since Meghan returned from her maternity leave, fans have been noticing something that is slightly different about her. So, what is it that she has been doing?

According to Daily Mail, the duchess has re-done her look, hoping that people will see her in a new light and that she might be more “relatable” to her fans.

Gone are the days of super-expensive designer labels, since Meghan has been replacing them with more affordable, yet still stylish pieces. She has also been recycling quite a few looks as well, such as the gorgeous deep-green dress that she wore for her engagement interview.

We have to say that no matter what Meghan chooses to wear, she always looks spectacular, and we absolutely adore the more modest style that she has debuted.